Exclusive Content for Revenue Collective and Operations Collective 2021 Annual Kickoff Attendees

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The Cost of Going Remote Hosted with Revenue Collective


Hear Melanie Fellay, the CEO at Spekit and Sam Jacobs, Founder of the Revenue Collective, discuss the results of the research report and how companies can take action in this engaging webinar.

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SKO: The Secrets to Sucess featuring leaders from Outreach, Greenhouse and Spekit


Join Alex Kremer, Sales Engagement Podcast Host and Sales Manager at Outreach.io, Joe Fiori, Senior Manager of Sales Enablement at Greenhouse.io and Andrew Bothwell, experienced SaaS VP and current VP of Sales at Spekit for a discussion on the pivot to virtual SKOs and the secrets to ensuring success.

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Keeping your remote team engaged with Kara Factor from Southwest


Kara Factor, a Senior Training Specialist at Southwest, has been on the front lines of combating training challenges as their team transitioned to a digital-only world. Learn how the team at Southwest is keeping their team engaged while remote!

Research Report


The Cost of Going Remote on Employee Productivity and Revenue

  • 88% of employees are now waiting for responses to questions on Slack
  • 71% of respondents said their employees spend 1 hr per day looking for answers
  • 37% said there is decreased productivity without being able to turn to a coworker for answers

Download the report for the full results and learn what you can do to enable and empower your team in this remote environment!

Additional Resources

dan darcy

The future of enablement in a remote learning world featuring Dan Darcy from Salesforce


In this episode, Dan Darcy, the SVP of Sales and Partner Enablement at Salesforce and product visionary extraordinaire, joins Melanie Fellay, CEO of Spekit, for a conversation on the past, the present but more importantly, the future of enablement.

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Redefining GTM in a Digital World featuring Mike Wolff from Salesforce


Watch Mike and Spekit, CEO, Melanie Fellay during this fireside chat to learn how companies like Salesforce are redefining how they go-to-market in a digital-only world.

Ryan Sarpalius

Designing a Data-Driven Learning Strategy Featuring Ryan Sarpalius from Facebook


Ryan Sarpalius has built learning programs to support the scaling of some of the world’s fastest growing organizations including his current role at Facebook and previously, Uber. He joins Spekit CEO, Melanie Fellay, to peel the layers of the learning onion in a no slides, all insights, fireside chat.

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