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Guru vs Walkme vs Lessonly vs Whatfix vs Spekit

A thorough comparison of Guru vs Walkme vs Lessonly vs Whatfix vs Spekit. 

Technology is advancing at an incredible pace. Generally speaking, this presents huge advantages and opportunities for organizations willing to adopt new technology.

The problem, however, is keeping up with new tools and software.

More so, rolling out and communicating to employees how to use these tools in their workflow to save time.

This is where Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) come in and bridge that gap. Moreover, DAPs are software and applications designed to simplify and streamline the use of other technology.

In this article, we’re looking at five of the best DAPs on the market: Guru, Lessonly, Walkme, Whatfix, and Spekit, and how they stack up against one another.

Why Should You Be Using a Digital Adoption Software?

Learning how to fully utilize software and tools that speed up, automate, and improve how we work can greatly impact a company’s bottom line.

The issue is often the time-consuming task of learning how to utilize these tools best. More so, rolling out that training to new hires and current employees so everyone is on the same page.

These are pain points that DAPs solve. DAPs enable employees and customers to find the information they need, as they need it.

They also enable creating a central knowledge base, providing the user with all the tools they need to create and share learning materials and step-by-step guides, and much more.

Simply put, powered by machine learning and AI, DAPs use contextual information to create tailored experiences in real-time that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

Guru vs Walkme vs Lessonly vs Whatfix vs Spekit


Spekit logo

Spekit is the #1 digital adoption and enablement platform that helps employees be more productive by reinforcing essential training and enablement resources where your employees are working.

This software brings all the information and training resources employees need, when they need it, while they’re working.

It has the best contextual integrations of any DAP. Meaning you and your team members can spend more time flowing through your work and less time switching via applications.

Unlike other solutions that rely solely on walkthroughs (a step-by-step click-through training) to train your team, Spekit understands that each employee learns differently. To solve for this, Spekit offers multiple ways to train your team in the applications they use every day: 

  • You can insert help bubbles beside defined fields, terms or picklist values and trigger notifications on process changes in their tools or via email. 
  • Your employees can even search a contextual knowledge base for instant answers – without ever leaving the tool they’re in or workflow they’re in the middle of. 

Spekit is also the only adoption solution with a one-click Salesforce integration. If you’re using Salesforce, you can easily integrate the two, and Spekit will automatically sync the two platforms.


  • Accessible through a browser extension and integrates with the tools you’re already using.
  • One-click integration with the world’s #1 CRM platform Salesforce.
  • Easy to set up, no technical knowledge or coding skills required.
  • Detailed analytics to help create a feedback loop with your team and gain valuable insights.
  • It offers out of the box customizable training content for free.
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Content
  • Content Transfer
  • Premium onboarding
  • Premium Support
  • Dedicated Success Manager

Spekit Pricing

Spekit has three different pricing plans as follows:

Spekit Lite: Starting at $2,400/yr, their Lite Plan is ideal for small teams of up to 40 users. You can create a centralized wiki and make the information available in any workflow.

Spekit for Salesforce: Starting at $5 per user, per month. This plan is ideal for teams looking to drive the adoption of Salesforce.

Custom: There is an option to create a custom plan for large teams looking to reimagine how they train and enable employees. Moreover, Spekit’s customer success managers will help create a custom self-guided solution that meets your individual requirements.

Spekit pricing


Guru vs Walkme vs Lessonly vs Whatfix vs Spekit Guru Logo

Guru is a knowledge management solution and digital adoption platform that utilizes AI to help deliver information when and where you need it.

When you sign up with Guru, you’re prompted to install their browser extension. This, plus your main dashboard, is how you create and edit cards and the other applications you’ll be using.

In essence, Guru integrates with all of the tools you’re currently using, such as Slack, GSuite, Microsoft Teams, and so on. It’s also omnipresent in the form of a small popup on the right of your screen.


  • A generous freemium plan means small teams can use Guru for free.
  • The browser extension and popup on the screen’s left-hand side make integrating Guru into your workflow easy and non-intrusive.
  • No technical knowledge or coding skills required.
  • The card format is easy to use and brings contextual information into your workflow. You can easily click and edit cards at any time.
  • It enables team members to share information and communicate organization-wide in real-time.
  • A wide range of integrations means you can bring Guru into your existing workflow with minimal disruption.


  • The AI isn’t perfect. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself digging through cards.
  • Sometimes you’ll need to leave your workflow and open the Web App to find information.
  • While intuitive to use, for the most part, there aren’t a lot of prompts when first using Guru. Therefore, you need to dig into their help center for answers.

Guru Pricing

Smaller teams looking to try out Guru can get started for free. In addition, for teams of up to 10 users, you can use most of Guru’s features without paying a penny.

As soon as you add an 11th member, you will start paying $7 for every team member using the software. That means the starting price is $77/mo.

Guru also has two upgrade plans that come with some additional features. These are priced as follows:

Builder Plan – $14 per user, per month

Expert Plan – $24 per user, per month

Both of these plans come with a 30-day free trial with no credit card required. From a pricing standpoint, however, Guru couldn’t have made their software any more accessible.

Guru pricing


Walkme logo

Walkme is a cloud-based DAP that enables users to create what they call “walkthrough.” Walkthroughs are interactive guides that consist of popups and prompts that take users through a step-by-step process on any given page or app.

Walkme is a simple software, as all good DAPs should be. When well-executed, however, you can create some awesome step-by-step guides and instructions that’ll save users a lot of time.

To get started using this software, you need to install a browser extension and a Web App. When you’re on a page or in an app that you want to create some instructions for, simply open the app.

You can then click anywhere on the page and add a popup bubble. Moreover, these pop-ups are fully customizable; you can add any text, video, or other media you want the user to see.

To make your walkthrough live, all you have to do is add the HTML code to the page’s header (s) you want it to appear on.


  • Very intuitive to use, almost no training is required.
  • Great for creating guides to train and onboard team members, product walkthrough, and aiding customer journeys.
  • A wide range of customizations means you can add your branding easily.
  • Easy to roll out training materials and guides organization-wide in real-time.


  • While great at what it does – creating walkthroughs – lacks some of the functionality other DAPs offer.
  • It can take weeks to create a walkthrough that automatically breaks every time a process changes, whereas creating training in Spekit is as easy as writing an email.
  • There isn’t a good deal of analytics on the backend to make informed improvements.
  • Lack of pricing transparency is always frustrating.

Walkme Pricing

Walkme has two pricing plans as follows:

Basic Plan: This is their free plan so you can test out their software. It’s quite limited, enabling you to create just 3 unique walkthroughs with a maximum of 5 steps per walkthrough.

They’ve clearly designed to plan to enable you to try out their software and get a feel for how to create walkthroughs.

I can’t complain about that, however, it’s fair to say you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan to use this software across your organization.

Custom Plan: Walkme has one paid plan. You’ll need to contact them to work out a price based on expected usage, the size of your organization, and so on.

It’s always disappointing not to have set pricing. But this does give you more flexibility to work out a price tailored to your usage.

Walkme pricing



Lessonly is a web-based DAP and learning management system (LMS) that enables organizations to create easy to consume lessons, training courses, and onboarding materials.

The core of this software is creating, sharing, and tracking engagement with training material. For this reason, it’s primarily used by human resources and training departments. However, we can see some good applications for smaller organizations and teams.

The platform contains a robust set of tools, all accessed through one interface. It’s effortless to pick up and use. Additionally, Many widgets and elements are drag and drop, and Lessonly has one of the cleanest and simplest interfaces we’ve seen.

If you’re looking to create engaging training materials to share with your team, Lessonly makes it a breeze.

Lessonly differs from Spekit, Walkme and Guru in that it’s less contextual than those two platforms. You’re creating training and resources to be viewed by users rather than delivering information relevant to their workflow.


  • Intuitive interface and user-friendly UX.
  • Wide range of all-encompassing learning tools with simple drag and drop functionality.
  • Ability to assign permissions and easily share content with your team.
  • Detailed insights and analytics to track engagement and identify areas for improvement
  • White labeling enables you to share training materials externally with your branding.
  • Integrates with a wide range of popular tools.


  • Doesn’t deliver information contextually like some other platforms.
  • Their Pro Plan doesn’t enable webcam or screen recording.
  • It’s almost too simple in places and is lacking some advanced features other tools have.

Lessonly Pricing

Lessonly has two pricing plans as follows:

Pro: This plan includes a personal Client Experience Manager and gives you easy access to their lesson builder, interactive quizzes, automation and triggers, and some other features.

Pro + Coaching: This plan includes everything in the Pro Plan, along with webcam and screen capture capability, some interactive practice and feedback tools, and more.

Lessonly doesn’t have any set pricing for either of these plans. You need to call a member of their team to discuss a custom price.

Lessonly pricing


Whatfix logo

Whatfix is a digital adoption platform that guides users across enterprise apps with contextual and interactive information in real-time.

This software drives digital adoption through a few key features:

Learning in workflow – You can deliver or call for contextual information when and where it’s needed without leaving your workflow.

In-app guidance – Integrate Whatfix with your existing tools and add walkthroughs and step-by-step guides.

Automation and AI – Whatfix uses AI to help you identify repetitive tasks that can be automated. In addition, it enables users to find answers in-app, utilize chatbots, and some other tools that take tasks off your hands.

Analytics – Comprehensive backend analytics enable you to track and measure the number of users viewing data, how they’re engaging with it, and gather real-time feedback via surveys.

A lot of large organizations use Whatfix with customer-facing teams. By creating user guides, you’ll experience a reduction in calls and support tickets. In addition, this saves you precious time and money while giving your customers a better experience.


  • The ability to produce contextual information keeps employees in their workflow.
  • Free onboarding with the first roll out and ongoing support.
  • The editor is easy to use with no prior experience or technical know-how needed.
  • Can access SCORM-compliant courses within the app.
  • Mobile responsive and supports hybrid HTML5 mobile apps.


  • Some of the interfaces look cluttered, plus you can’t always see all the information you need on one screen.
  • Lack of pricing transparency is frustrating.
  • The number of style customizations and formatting options is limited.

Whatfix Pricing

Whatfix doesn’t have any set pricing plans. You need to contact a member of their team for a custom quote and talk through their different packages.

Whatfix pricing

What You Need To Consider When Picking a Digital Adoption Software

No two pieces of software are the same as are no two companies’ needs and want when it comes to digital adoption software.

Here are some of the main considerations when choosing the best DAP for your organization:


Cost should always be one of the main considerations. The good thing about DAP software is that they’re designed to save you money. Still, you always want to get the best value for money.

Of the five tools above, Spekit and Guru are competitively priced for the range of features they offer. Whatfix, Lessonly, and Walkme only provide prices on request.

Ease of Use

DAPs are designed to make using technology easy, so it should be no surprise that all of the above platforms are easy to use.

It’s still a good idea to check some reviews or take a free trial for yourself to see how intuitive the interface is for you to use and explain to others. 


DAPs are only as good as the data they’re able to produce. If you’re creating training materials and step-by-step guides, you need to be able to track how many people are viewing them.


Each software has its own approach to simplifying learning and making knowledge accessible. Inevitably, one platform is going to meet your needs better than another.

Conclusion – Guru vs Walkme vs Lessonly vs Whatfix vs Spekit

Which digital adoption platform is best for you?

It’s a tough decision. The five platforms we reviewed above are all market leaders. But they do serve different purposes if you take a close look at their pros and cons.

In conclusion, Spekit is the most complete DAP in terms of features. Additionally, it also offers the most seamless integration into a person’s workflow. If you’re already using Salesforce, then it’s going to be an easy choice as it’s the only software to sync with one-click integration.

Hopefully, this head to head comparison of Guru vs Walkme vs Lessonly vs Whatfix vs Spekit has helped you better understand the benefits these platforms have to offer.

Best Digital Adoption Platform

11+ Best Digital Adoption Platforms

This post will cover the best digital adoption platforms to help your team adapt to ever changing times.

Technology is always evolving.

It has become hard to keep up with the number of new tools and softwares that are launching daily.

As these tools become accessible to millions of people, the challenge becomes the learning curve — understanding how to use these tools is often more challenging than we anticipate.

More digital platforms mean that we continue to increase demand from our data, systems, processes, and users.

What is a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP)?

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) are software designed to simplify the adoption of new technology. They also act as hubs for collecting, sorting, and sharing data such as learning materials and sales figures.

Digital Adoption Platform is a broad category that today encompasses two key distinct use cases:

  • For digital adoption at the consumer level: If users can’t make their way through the customer journey and your product is not intuitive enough, you will quickly see high churn rates and suffering retention. You will want to guide users through the UI/UX of your application to help them accomplish key tasks. This solution is typically managed by Product teams.
  • For digital adoption within organizations: If employees aren’t able to adopt new technology and continually find ways to streamline and simplify how they work with data, serious issues can unfold. This often includes missed revenue and employee turnover. You will want to implement digital adoption across your internal-facing tools (for employees) to help them navigate your systems and processes, surfacing key training and knowledge in the moment of need to help with onboarding, change management and drive productivity. This solution is typically managed by Learning or IT teams.

Without the right software and processes, issues will start as soon as a new employee joins your organization, and the ripple effect will go through every department.

To back this up, according to IBM, only 21% of new hires stay at companies that do not offer smart training solutions.

While 42% of millennials say, they are likely to leave a job because they are not learning fast enough.

How can you turn those figures on their heads and improve employee retention? By adopting Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs).

In this post, we’re taking a closer look at why DAPs are so crucial to businesses of all sizes, how you can utilize them to improve your workflow and ROIs, and 11 of the best digital adoption platform software to choose from.

Why are digital adoption platforms becoming so popular?

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) are tools, software, and systems designed to simplify and streamline learning processes and other business structures.

Software that is overly complex or not the right fit for what an organization is trying to achieve can substantially negatively impact.

DAPs have risen in popularity in recent years as they have proven to be cost-effective solutions that reduce this impact.

Also referred to as “digital enablement solutions,” good DAPs automate manual or dated processes. They help teams become more productive, make onboarding and training simple, help managers track vital metrics, and much more.

How can Digital Adoption platforms help you?

If you fully integrate your workflows, employees, and even your customers with your DAP, it can help you with every aspect of your business.

Generally speaking; however, DAPs are used to help with three core areas as follows:

Onboarding and training

Organizations with a healthy onboarding process can improve new hire retention by up to 72% and boost productivity by over 70%.

Those figures speak volumes about how important it is that new hires are put through a smooth and informative onboarding process.

Digital Adoption Platforms enable you to assign individuals step-by-step guides or walkthroughs, taking them through all of your company procedures.

This also applies to train and create a knowledge base of all your company information. DAPs provide a full range of versatile tools enabling the user to develop engaging microlearning plans.

Analytics and insights

Analytics is one of – if not the – most important ways a business can get a real insight into how it’s performing.

With a DAP funneling information from several sources into one place and arranging it in an easy to use format, this is where this software pays for itself.

Depending on the nature of your business, you can track sales metrics, employee performance, how your website is performing, how individual pieces of content are being interacted with, and much more.

Improving ROIs

Identifying and improving ROIs within an organization is where the impact can be traced back to where it ultimately matters, the bottom line.

If your employees and/or customers know how to use your tools, then retention and satisfaction increases as well as ROIs.

With a good DAP, you can track any number of metrics that you have the data for. Giving you the insight to identify an ROI, and more importantly, set KPIs and targets to improve them.

11+ Best Digital Adoption Platforms


For digital adoption within organizations: Spekit is a digital adoption and micro-learning platform that helps teams learn and be more productive by making knowledge & resources accessible within the tools they already use.

It’s particularly useful for onboarding and training. 

You can create a centralized database of all your learning materials, assign new hires access, and track how they’re getting on.

There are loads of features and a wide range of integration options and accessibility too. You can set real-time notifications, access the data in any web app, get started with pre-built, customizable content on popular tools, and more.

spekit digital adoption platform


  • Integrates with Salesforce, the leading customer relationship management solution
  • Accessible in any web app and through a Chrome extension
  • Easy to set up and use with no coding or technical knowledge needed


  • Lacking mobile iOS compatibility (not a huge con, I’ll admit)

Spekit Pricing

  • Spekit Lite: $10/mo. This plan is ideal for small teams. Included is free training content, their Wiki knowledge base, Slack integration, and more.
  • Spekit Pro: Custom pricing. This plan includes everything in Lite, along with Salesforce integration, unlimited content, premium onboarding, a dedicated success manager, and more.


For digital adoption at the consumer level: Pendo is a DAP and a product experience platform that helps product and software teams create, test, and gain valuable feedback on their products.

You can use Pendo to track things like; how many clicks a customer has to go through to find a product to optimize the purchasing cycle. Or, track how customers are interacting with products to identify areas to improve on.

The bottom line is that Pendo provides a powerful suite of tools enabling you to gather and analyze data, then use these insights to better optimize your workflow processes.

pendo digital adoption platform


  • Easily create walkthroughs and user guides to share internally and externally.
  • Ability to pinpoint areas in workflows and products to improve via detailed analytics
  • Clean and appealing UX, easy to use without any technical knowledge


  • In-app messaging features are limited and could do with some improvisation

Pendo Pricing

Pendo has three different pricing tiers designed to suit businesses of all sizes; Team, Pro, and Enterprise.

They operate on a quote only basis, though. You’ll have to contact a member of their team to work out which plan is best for you, and how much it’ll cost per month.


For digital adoption at the consumer level: Appcues makes it easy to create beautiful workflows, share your designs with the right users, both internal and external, define and set goals, and measure the effectiveness of your flows through detailed analytics and reporting features.

Thousands of large corporations, including the likes of OpenTable and IBM, use Appcues to deliver training and onboarding materials to their employees.

The real value of Appcues is how you can make each and every user feel special. You’re able to present team members, employees, and customers with an individual and personalized experience.

appcues digital adoption platform


  • Wide range of customizations and personalization features
  • The UI is intuitive and straightforward to use, ideal for the less tech-savvy.
  • Metrics are displayed with straightforward and easy to use images.


  • Lacking support for mobile apps

Appcues Pricing

You can test out Appcues for free if you contact a member of their support team. After a short trial, their paid plans are as follows:

  • Essentials: $249/mo. This plan includes up to 3 seats, 3 branded themes, analytics, email support, and more.
  • Growth: $879/mo. This plan includes up to 10 seats, advanced targeting and engagement patterns, a dedicated success manager, and more.


For digital adoption at the consumer level: UserIQ equips teams with intelligence, engagements, health, and strategies that can be summarized with detailed analytics and easily shared or analyzed.

Their intelligence tools allow you to gather customer insights. Their health checks enable you to identify any problems in your workflows, and their user engagement tools will allow you to produce surveys, tours, and communicate via messaging features.

This software gives you full control over what information your team members and customers are seeing as well as tracking how they’re interacting with the data or information, and the insights to help companies improve their processes.

usertesting digital adoption platform


  • “ToolTips” feature gives quick insights into how certain elements are performing.
  • Detailed analytics enable you to dig deep into the data.
  • Can easily create walkthroughs to help train staff and onboard new hires


  • Some coding and CSS knowledge is required to make the most of the features

UserIQ Pricing

UserIQ does not currently have any set monthly pricing plans. You will need to contact a member of their team to request a quote.


For digital adoption within organizations: Walkme is a digital adoption platform and acknowledgment management software that combines a suite of DAP tools with AI to help you guide your sales team, increase productivity, and gain better visibility across your platforms.

One of the critical features of Walkme is how it integrates with hundreds of other tools, most notably Salesforce. As one of the most advanced Salesforce adoption platforms, you can also adopt all of Salesforce’s features and processes.

This software is simple to implement and use. You’ll quickly find ways to improve your data integrity, save employee hours, improve communications, and, most importantly, save money.

walkme digital adoption platform


  • It’s easy to create walkthroughs and share them with your employees.
  • The AI is knowledgeable and often makes actionable and useful suggestions.
  • Smooth UI and simple integration of other tools create a fast onboarding process.


  • Some of the builders and tools are difficult to navigate at times

Walkme Pricing

  • Basic Plan: Quotes on request only. This plan allows you 3 walkthroughs, up to 5 steps per walkthrough, 300 assists per month, and essential online support.
  • Custom Plan: Quotes on request only. If you require more walkthroughs than are included in their Basic Plan, their team will work out a custom plan for you.


For digital adoption within organizations:  Whatfix is a software with a suite of tools designed to “Empower your users to make the best use of your software applications.”

It does this by helping you elevate your user’s experiences though creating step-by-step guides, personalized journeys, and delivering training and onboarding support with ease.

Zero coding knowledge or experience using DAPs is required. The clean and straightforward UI is easy to navigate, and you can integrate your other tools and software to centralize all of your data.

whatfix digital adoption platform


  • Easy to create personalized and engaging experiences
  • Can create walkthroughs, guides, video, and other processes with no prior experience
  • Collect and analyze data from multiple sources with detailed analytical tools


  • Some of the tools and interfaces are clunky to operate at times

Whatfix Pricing

Whatfix does not have any set monthly pricing plans. They build custom plans based on each customer’s requirements; you’ll have to contact them for a quote.


For digital adoption within organizations: Userlane is a DAP that emphasizes making software intuitive and straightforward to use. It does this by providing code free tools that enable you to create step-by-step interactive guides, provide on-demand virtual assistants, and easily share information and communicate with your employees.

The stand out tools are automated checklists and other options that enable you to create guided tours enabling smooth onboarding of new hires as well as personalizing customer journeys through your platform and leveraging analytics to improve ROIs.

If you’re looking to identify areas within your business where you can save employee time from onboarding to ongoing training and organization wide communications, Userlane is a DAP with all the tools to make this easy.

userlane digital adoption platform


  • Robust tools for creating automotive and effecting onboarding processes
  • Powerful analytical tools to analyze data and make informed decisions
  • Simple and easy to use out of the box, no technical knowledge required.


  • Lacks the wide range of customizable options other DAP platforms have

Userlane Pricing

Userlane says they work with such a diverse range of companies that custom pricing is the best way to serve their customers.

Therefore, you need to speak with a team member to work out a pricing structure that meets your requirements.


For digital adoption within organizations: Userguiding is a DAP and microlearning platform that provides a “no coding” solution to building interactive product tours, walkthroughs, and other onboarding and training materials to help out employees.

It couldn’t be simpler to get started. Just install the Chrome extension, set up an account, and you can begin recording steps and building guides to share with others.

Userguiding’s features extend to analytics, segmentation, NPS surveys, onboarding checklists, goal tracking, a wide range of customization options, and more.

They’ve positioned themselves as one of the most accessible platforms to use, although there may be limitations if you’re looking for advanced solutions.

userguiding digital adoption platform


  • Incredibly simple to start creating walkthroughs and guides
  • Goal tracking features make tracking engagement easy
  • Wide range of customization graphics, gifs, formatting, etc


  • Lacks some of the advanced solutions other software offers

Userguiding Pricing

  • Start-Up Plan: $99/mo. This plan enables 2,000 monthly active users and a single team member. You also have access to their onboarding checklists, guides, and some other tools.
  • Growth Plan: $299/mo. This plan enables 5,000 monthly active users and unlimited team members, along with some additional tools and features.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing. If you exceed 5,000 monthly active users, you should reach out to a member of their team to work out a custom plan.


For digital adoption within organizations and at the consumer level:  Apty is a DAP that makes any web-based application more comfortable to use for both you as a designer and creator, and end users, such as customers and team members.

The Apty platform takes you through four core steps to help you streamline your workflows and processes:

Tracking and analyzing – A powerful suite of tools to help you get a clear picture of how your employees are using your systems.

Insights – The ability to transform data into actionable insights that enable you to improve processes, and ultimately your ROI on employee time and monetary spend.

Guidance – Apty has a range of engagement tools that will make suggestions and highlight things you need to look at.

Automation – Apty uses intelligent AI and RPA to help you automate more of those repetitive tasks sucking up your time and ultimately improving you and your team’s productivity.

apty digital adoption platform


  • Robust tracking and analytical features
  • Intelligent AI helps identify problems and suggest solutions for you
  • Easy to build and publish product tours for users


  • No mobile compatibility at the time of publishing

Apty Pricing

Apty offers a free trial, so you can test their platform before committing a plan. They then offer two plans as follows:

  • Free: $0/mo. This plan enables basic access to allow you to use the platform.
  • Custom: $Quote. To unlock all of the features of Apty, contact a member of their team for a quote.


For digital adoption at the consumer level: Chameleon is a digital product adoption platform geared for product success. If you have a SaaS team, this software has all the features needed to build better user onboarding processes, features, and collect feedback.

This platform makes it easy to demonstrate products to new users. You can create personalized experiences and collect performance-related data to identify areas to improve on.

The editor is intuitive and easy to use. You can place tour steps with point-and-click selection, push product tours live instantly, and set triggers for specific actions.

chameleon digital adoption platform


  • Integrates with Salesforce, the leading customer relationship management solution
  • Accessible in any web app and through a Chrome extension
  • Easy to set up and use with no coding or technical knowledge needed


  • Lacking iOS compatibility (not a huge con, I’ll admit)

Chameleon Pricing

  • STARTUP: For small companies to get started and save money $279/month
  • GROWTH: For growing businesses to drive returns quickly from $6k/year

MyGuide by Edcast

For digital adoption within organizations:  MyGuide by EdCast is one of those digital adoption platforms that helps automate repetitive tasks, reduce the time employees are spending on tasks and is a proven and powerful way to improve ROIs organization-wide.

You can engage and educate your users by making step-by-step guides and other training materials. Then track how they’re receiving the information and streamline your workflows and processes.

It utilizes powerful cloud-based AI and chatbots to take labor-intensive tasks off your hands, so you can spend more time working on the areas of your business that make a difference.

The wide range of features, tools, and customizable options makes EdCast the go-to DAP of choice for thousands of businesses across the globe.

myguide digital adoption platform


  • It’s easy to create engaging walkthroughs and onboarding processes.
  • Automation processes take repetitive tasks off your hands.
  • Analytics and tracking tools make it easy to track engagement.


  • The sheer volume of options makes it difficult to find what you’re looking for at times

MyGuide Pricing

Bespoke pricing and plans are available upon request.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, whether you have one user or thousands, without putting robust procedures in place for onboarding, training, communicating with your users, and tracking what’s working – you’re burning money.

There’s no excuse for not adopting one of these digital adoption platforms and streamlining your business. Most of the platforms we covered above either offer free trials or scale-up their pricing based on your organization’s size.

The important thing is that you implement this digital adoption software sooner rather than later. The sooner you start utilizing the tools DAPs offer, the sooner you’ll reduce churn, increase employee satisfaction, and improve ROIs across your business.

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