Spekit Flows Walkthroughs

Introducing: Step-by-Step Walkthroughs with Spekit Flows

Introducing: Step-by-Step Walkthroughs with Spekit Flows

February 16, 2021

What is it?

Spekit Flows is our newly-released, best-in-class digital enablement feature that allows you to streamline employee onboarding and drive adoption with guided step-by-step walkthroughs.

You can quickly set up a new Flow tutorial in minutes (not days) to handhold employees through training across multiple applications, reinforcing crucial knowledge right where they work.

To create a Flow, simply click “Create > Flow” and Spekit will capture each step as you navigate through the process. Once saved, you can customize the description, calls to action and more! It’s that easy!

You could use Flows to walk new employees through a step-by-step training for creating a new opportunity in Salesforce, setting up an account in Workday, or creating their first ticket in Zendesk.

The possibilities are endless. Are you as excited as we are? Then watch our full Introducing Spekit Flows Video!

Why does it matter?

From the beginning, we set out to build a platform that would create better learning experiences for employees. Our goal has always been to help employees learn quickly and work effectively while making it incredibly easy on the admin side to create and maintain training content.

We’ve always known that step-by-step walkthroughs could be one important part of a holistic suite of digital adoption/enablement features. But, we wanted to do this right. So, we spent the past two years researching traditional options on the market, documenting their problems and pain points, and designing a new solution that would be an absolute game-changer for the industry.

Enter: Spekit Flows!

Flows Main 1

Why is Spekit Flows game-changing?

Studies have shown that employees will forget up to 70% of what they learned within just one day using traditional methods. You wouldn’t try to memorize an entire recipe and then head off to the kitchen to try to cook everything from memory, right? Yet, that’s the traditional approach with LMS style training videos or presentation decks.

The better approach is to follow a recipe step-by-step while cooking. You need the information at your fingertips. You follow the instructions a few times, and eventually you master it and can do the whole thing by yourself. That’s Spekit Flows!

Spekit champions need tools and processes that can drive digital adoption and enablement across increasingly complex and costly tech stacks. There are four main reasons why Spekit Flows is the best step-by-step training solution on the market:

  • 1. Fastest Setup: Start creating Flows in seconds, not days! Traditional solutions on the market are painful to set up–they require hours and hours of complicated configurations. But creating a new Spekit Flow is incredibly easy and user-friendly. Just click the “Start” button, navigate through your usual step-by-step routine and Spekit will automatically capture your Flow outline for you. It’s easier than taking a screen capture and you’re done within minutes.
  • 2. No Technical Skills Required: Unlike competitors, Flows doesn’t require any coding or technical skills to build or manage. If you can write an email, you can create a Flow! No need for costly or time-intensive IT support.
  • 3. Easiest to Maintain:No need to worry about major headaches if your tech stack evolves or your internal process changes. You can easily update your relevant Flows tutorials in minutes with the latest step-by-step instructions based on new underlying processes or configurations.
  • 4. Cross-Platform / Cross-Tool Support: Flows offers cross-platform / cross-tool support so that Spekit customers can provide step-by-step tutorials across any web application. For example, steps 1-3 could be about getting started in Zendesk and steps 4-6 could be about getting started in Outreach. Just navigate to whatever applications/sites are needed while recording your Flow tutorial.
  • 5. Available On-Demand: Spekit Flows don’t have to be a “one and done” training tutorial. Flows are readily available in the Spekit sidebar allowing employees to click and get a quick reminder of the step-by-step process involved in a given workflow.
  • 6. Analytics: Spekit Flows offers insights into completion rates and user drop-off rates by step. These analytics give valuable insight into your user participation rates and whether any of your step-by-step walkthroughs could be further optimized to improve uptake with your audiences.
Flows Outreach

How does it work?

Flows layer step-by-step instructions on top of your web applications to guide new users through a process or workflow.

Flows are super fast and easy to create within just a few minutes. Inside Spekit’s interface, you’ll click Create > Flow > Start. From there, just click through your normal workflow and Spekit will automatically create the Flow for you!

Once done, you can always go back to add steps, edit steps, or customize a step’s description.

Spekit Flows

Boom! Ready to get started?

Reach out today to learn more about why Spekit is the leading in-app digital adoption and enablement platform that helps employees learn about their tools and navigate process changes by accessing answers in real-time, everywhere they work.

Let’s talk!


Learn how the world’s best companies are empowering their teams with Spekit today

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With Spotlights, you can push crucial training, announcements, resources and updates to your team in real-time, wherever they’re working.

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Within sight, within mind: Making learning a habit with the Spekit Floating Dock

In the context of role mastery, out of sight = out of mind is one of the greatest challenges to overcome. To truly master a role, you need a thorough understanding of the tools and processes you need to be successful today and what they become as they evolve tomorrow.

In the digital adoption and enablement space, we work with companies of all shapes, sizes and levels of technical expertise.

One of the top workplace distractions we hear is the feeling of being overwhelmed as a result of constant changes: Process optimizations, new tools, new products, adjusted messaging.


Training is crucial for these changes but above all, it’s the reinforcement of that training, where your team is working, that will solidify new information in the working memory and drive role mastery.

It’s for this reason that we designed the Floating Dock.

Think of “dock” as the tip of the iceberg for Spekit, and specifically for the Spekit Chrome Extension. It’s about increased visibility, prominence and recognition – in hopes of driving a habit loop where employees habitually click to access your organization’s real-time knowledge before submitting a support ticket or asking a co-worker for answers.

The content creators, subject matter experts and admins who use Spekit to distribute valuable and timely org insights know how important it is for everyone to be on the same page. With the pace of business quickening, they can’t rely on or expect employees to go out of their way to learn about changes. Many times, that valuable info isn’t seen or thought about unless it’s right in front of people.


Our product team relies heavily on a user-centered design process to make sure we build products that are easy to use and loved. A few of these principles that the dock plays to are:

  • Findability – give me tools to access my information
  • Position and prominence – grab attention without being distracting or annoying
  • Usefulness and value – timely relevant alerts about business-critical changes
  • Visibility control – allow me to hide, minimize, or move it
  • Simplicity – does it make my life easier?
  • Recognition over recall – seeing the Floating Dock reinforces checking on notifications vs. the effort needed to remember to check them

Many users are new to extensions – a core part of how Spekit works. For them, the Spekit Chrome Extension may be their first or only extension ever used.

By addressing the above principles and making it incredibly easy for anyone – familiar with extensions or not – to access a one-click gateway to the knowledge of their entire organization, the Floating Dock is just one more way Spekit makes continuous learning a habit for your team. 

How does it work?

The Floating Dock reveals a visual cue that Spekit users can use to access the sidebar on all sites where Spekit is enabled that contains an indicator and link to notifications for easy access. It’s automatically enabled on Salesforce and within the Spekit app by default and features:

  • Draggable, adjustable positioning
  • Can be minimized removed or expanded globally by the end-user
  • Can be adjusted on a per-company level on the Spekit backend

Use the Floating Dock to remind end-users they’re only one click away to knowledge and resources while working in key applications. Or, for new users, since Chrome has stopped showing all extensions in the top bar, this offers an easy way to discover Spekit – wherever you’re working.

Your team has disruptions. Now, learning isn’t one of them. Learn more on the Floating Dock feature page or in the documentation to get started today.

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