Learning happens where work happens with the Spekit for Slack integration

With the Spekit for Slack integration – you can search, share and create knowledge without ever leaving the conversation you’re having in Slack. 

Slack is where work happens. No matter where your team is working around the world – they communicate and collaborate in Slack. 

But, learning and finding the resources to learn usually happens outside of Slack. You have to leave whatever you’re doing to dig through Google docs, Powerpoints or an LMS system to find answers to questions happening in Slack. 

Not anymore. 

Accelerate your team’s employee productivity with training, sales enablement and process documentation that lives in the tools you and your team use every day. 

Put simply, with the Spekit for Slack integration, learning happens where work happens.

Share, search and create knowledge with the Spekit for Slack integration 

Connect Spekit to Slack to: 

  • Share knowledge and answer questions directly within Slack by accessing your entire knowledge base with a single command.
  • Search the knowledge base to quickly reference processes, enablement resources, definitions and more. 
  • Create new training and documentation in seconds that can be easily referenced to eliminate repetitive questions.
  • Boost the productivity of your team by making it incredibly easy to get questions answered and content created from anywhere.

How your team can use it

Sounds exciting but not sure how you’d use it? Here’s a few examples of how OUR team has already used the integration to get some ideas flowing: 

1. It’s all too common to be in the middle of a Slack conversation and suddenly realize you can’t remember where to locate the word doc, PowerPoint, excel sheet, etc. that you want to reference. 

For example, one question we see come up a lot in Slack is, “where can I find the latest sales deck?” Usually, we’d have to leave Slack, go into another tool and grab the link. With the Spekit for Slack integration, you simply go into Slack and type in your search keyword.

For example:

Just like that, you have the latest version of a sales resource right in front of you and you are good to go! Easy right?

2. Another situation we see is getting the same question from multiple customers. For example, “what is your privacy policy?” We used to see our support team ping these questions on a channel. With the Slack integration, you can turn these one-off Slack responses into knowledge that lives forever. Right-click any content in Slack to automatically create documentation that’s always accessible.

Going forward, instead of messaging a co-worker or channel, you can simply ask Spekit in Slack.

Now your team has the information they need easily accessible for future reference and can quickly access it any time the question comes up again.

3. Then there is our favorite example; a team member has a question about a process in Salesforce and is unsure where to find the info they need. We know that Salesforce is always evolving so this can sometimes prove to be a challenge. Even if you find the answer, is it up to date? How do you know if there have been changes to Salesforce since the answer was documented?

Now, they can simply search Spekit from Slack and the most up-to-date process training will surface. For example:

“How do I find the right leads in an account?”

Instantly you have the answer and you know it is up to date. No more endless searching or slacking coworkers multiple times. 

How does it work?

How does it work? Simply type (forward slash) / Spekit, followed by the question/keyword/document/etc you are searching for from your Spekit knowledge base and press enter just like you would if you were asking a coworker your question on Slack. Boom! 

The answer pops up right in the channel. No more digging through power points, disparate systems or frustratedly searching through Google for what you need. Spekit for Slack is like your new favorite, “in-the-know” co-worker. 

It doesn’t stop there either. See certain questions come up again and again but somehow the answer never seems to get documented? Right-click your answer in Slack to automatically document it for easy future reference. Now YOU are the rockstar helping to enable your entire team. 

Want more information about Spekit?

Not familiar with Spekit? Click here to learn more about training your team from anywhere and sign up for free.

Pricing:  There is no fee for Spekit’s Slack integration but you do need to sign up for a free Spekit account to access. Sign up for FREE here.

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Spekit Announces Salesforce Partnership and AppExchange Launch

Since our launch at Dreamforce 2018, we’ve had one North Star: Helping companies maximize the adoption and data quality of their applications by delivering the most efficient learning experience across their technology stack.

Today, we’re excited to share our new Salesforce partnership:
Spekit is now live on the Salesforce AppExchange, the World’s Leading Business App Marketplace.


 Read what our customers have to say on AppExchange or Chrome Store

What is Spekit?

A 100% Female-owned company, Spekit is a dynamic knowledge and learning platform centered around the CRM and designed by former Sales Ops and Salesforce Admins. Inspired by the founders’ own challenges around adoption and data quality, Spekit was purpose-built to help companies effortlessly onboard new hires, train employees and contextually communicate changes to their applications to drive maximum adoption.

Today, Spekit counts thousands of users across global 500 companies, universities and non-profits alike and gives businesses a key tool to enable corporate change. For the first time, companies are able to instantly communicate process changes to all of their employees, in any workflow or application, giving them access to real-time information when and where they need it. 

Our experience with Spekit has exceeded our expectations. Spekit has helped us dramatically reduce our onboarding and ramp up time for new hires and newly promoted employees. Spekit has also been a key part of every new feature or business process we deploy to our user community – everything is documented and presented to our users with Spekit. 

Marshall King, SVP IT Solutions

How is Spekit unique?

Inspired by both walkthrough solutions and traditional LMS/Knowledge bases, Spekit creates an end-to-end learning experience that combines customer favorite features from existing learning solutions on the market, but specifically designed with applications (and remote learners) in mind.

In fact, Spekit was born as a result of the frustration felt by Spekit Founders, Melanie and Zari, around the fragility and manual effort required to build silo’d digital walkthroughs and the ineffectiveness of traditional Learning Management System (LMS) courses for training employees on their applications, especially on small changes. 

Spekit uniquely integrates with Salesforce and uses your data model metadata (Fields, Picklists, Objects) as a baseline to build your training. While all of the training and documentation is stored in a centralized knowledge base (with separate Data Dictionary UI), Spekit uses a suite a extensions to automatically and contextually surface your knowledge to employees everywhere they work so that they can learn as they go.

  Knowledge Base + Data Dictionary

    Extensions (Chrome, Outlook)


The ability to have a data dictionary and a wiki is priceless for my team. A one-stop-shop for keeping documentation and training materials up to date with ease. This product is a true gem and worth its weight in gold. Your user adoption will sky rocket and you will be a true #AwesomeAdmin !

Rod Tyler, Salesforce Admin

Zodiac Pool Systems


Knowledge embedded automatically where your users need it


Spekit automatically surfaces your knowledge and training, right where your team needs it in any application.

 Relate Speks to Objects for easy reference.



Improve your Data Quality by eliminating confusion around your data. 

Spekit can be added to any picklist, field or object in Salesforce to bring context to your data. 


Add context to your stages or picklists to eliminate confusion



Effortlessly roll-out process changes to your team

Forget the days of hoping that someone read your email. Now your users will instantly get a notification about your update through the Spekit Chrome Extension, right in their workflow for easier than ever Salesforce change management.




Explore more of our features for Spekit for Salesforce  or watch the demo below!