CPQ out-of-the-box training and enablement resources

Train, enable and empower your team in Salesforce CPQ – in minutes

Salesforce CPQ is complex, Spekit makes it easy. Customize out-of-the-box CPQ training content and surface that training in-app, exactly where your users need it.

As an enablement leader, we’re required to improve the user’s experience, support them and on high-impact activities, reduce distractions and streamline workflows. Spekit does that. It eases their navigation, reduces time to answers, and puts knowledge at their fingertips.

Julie Legleu, Training and Enablement at Wolters Kluwer

Uses Spekit to enable her team on Salesforce CPQ

3 steps to enable your team in Salesforce CPQ with Spekit

Chat with our training experts

Chat with us to see how easily Spekit can help your team train, onboard and reinforce learning in real-time, right where questions arise in CPQ.

Customize Training to your needs

Customize out-of-the-box CPQ training content in a few clicks to meet your unique business needs. Add videos, images more to create engaging learning experiences.

Automatically see training in CPQ

See training surface right where your team is working in Salesforce CPQ beside defined terms, fields, picklist values and processes. Then, invite your team to join!

Download the Free CPQ end-user 101 training manual 

Getting your team up and running on Salesforce’s CPQ? Don’t write your training from scratch. We’ve collaborated with CPQ expert and Salesforce MVP, Brad Gross to prepare the complete guide to get started in CPQ. Download to preview customizable content on CPQ including:

  • How to edit quotes
  • How to create quotes
  • How to amend contracts and accounts
  • Understanding discounts and discount tiers
  • Finding products, configuration and more!

Customize training in Spekit to appear in-app, in Salesforce CPQ

Consolidate CPQ training within a single, accessible solution

With Spekit, all your CPQ training lives in one, consolidated solution. Customize, build and scale training to help your team learn CPQ with ease.

Surface CPQ training and resources in your CPQ instance

With Spekit, surface knowledge and training directly within CPQ, right where questions arise. 

More resources for training your team in Salesforce products

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