Learn tips and best practices to simplify Salesforce and drive user adoption including how to enforce changes in Salesforce and keep your team up to speed.

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Ask your users how you can make their lives easier — which has the dual advantage of making people feel heard but also recognizing what’s meaningful to them. You might even be surprised to hear how simple some of their requests might be.

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Build a team of internal Champions across business units who can act as influencers to communicate the value of Salesforce to the users, encourage best practices, and communicate with the Admin & Developer teams.

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Simply taking the time to watch your users interact with Salesforce can be incredibly revealing to understand how user-friendly your set-up actually is.


Driving Adoption of Changes in Salesforce eBook

  • How to Simplify Salesforce to Drive End-User Adoption
    Tips on page layouts, apps and more.
  • How to Enforce Salesforce Changes
    Finding champions, investing in the right tools and more.
  • How to Keep Your Users Up-to-Speed
    Having a plan, knowing your stakeholders and more.
  • How to get Started
    Why enterprise brands trust Spekit to drive Salesforce adoption.

What our customers say

Michael Longsinger

Sales Operations


My day went from answering question after question to saying “oh, did you check Spekit?” It went from me individually training each rep to reps training themselves in the moment!

Ross Pennington

Salesforce Business Analyst


Spekit is a game-changer! We were able to easily migrate to Lightning by replacing our Word and Powerpoint training documents that could never be found with training right where our users need it..”

Todd Tribble

VP, Sales Ops & Enablement


After seeing the product in action, it all clicked. Like, ‘of course you should put information where the user is. Of course, you should deliver training in a way that’s quick, integrated, simple to alter and change.’ It became so obvious.

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Salesforce 101 End-User Lightning Manual
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Salesforce 101 Classic Training Manual
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NPSP 101 Training Guide
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