Don’t start from scratch. Migrate to Lightning in lightning speed with the Salesforce Lightning end-user training manual.

Download and learn how you can customize to surface process guidance and training directly within Salesforce Lightning.

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Salesforce Lightning 101 End-User Training Manual

  • How to create reports in Salesforce Lightning
    A getting started guide for created your first Salesforce Lightning Reports
  • How to create and customize views
    Create unique views and customize them to your business needs.
  • How to create campaigns in Salesforce Lightning
    An introduction to your first Salesforce Lightning campaigns.
  • How to create opportunities in Salesforce Lightning
    Learn how to create opportunities, leads, convert contacts and more in the new Salesforce Lightning experience.

What our customers say

Logan Thomeczek

Vice President of Sales Enablement

Farm Credit Services of America

Spekit’s team of experts helped us structure and embed new product playbooks within Salesforce, keeping relevant sales content at our sales team’s fingertips. It’s so intuitive that now our teams are confident and embracing both our sales technology and sales strategies.”

Miles Robertson

Account Executive


Every Salesforce user needs this! I work at Salesforce as an Account Executive and I am well aware that learning how to use Salesforce can have a steep learning curve. Spekit is the perfect tool for any organization that uses Salesforce to train their employees on how to better use Salesforce for their organization.”

Marshall King

Senior Vice President, IT Solutions


Spekit is a key part of every new feature or business process we deploy and has dramatically reduced our onboarding and ramp up time. It’s an outstanding way to support your users, drive adoption and improve data quality.”

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