Scalable, Centralized and In-Context Knowledge.

Combining the data governance of a data dictionary with the collaborativeness of a wiki.

Spekit Knowledge Everywhere

The Data Wiki

Using your Salesforce metadata as a foundation, dynamically document your business processes, data, and content in a centralized location that can easily be searched and filtered through it data dictionary/wiki hybrid format.

The Chrome Extension

Use our Chrome extension to access and edit your knowledge in-context, anywhere in your workflow using our hover over or search the sidebar.

Different formats for different learning styles.

Different people learn and digest information in different ways. That’s why we designed Spekit in a format that allows you display the content either in a tabular format or in a wiki-style format to meet everyone on your team’s needs.

Out-of-the-box Salesforce 101 Learning Content

We did the heavy lifting for you and created Knowledge Cards to help your users learn how to use Salesforce in both Lightning and Classic by creating out-of-the-box How-Tos and Q&As.

How it works in 4 easy steps

Connect to Salesforce

Import objects, fields and picklist values you’d like to document

Dynamically document

Document your existing metadata and create custom how-to’s in Knowledge Cards.

Invite and collaborate

Centralize your team’s tribal knowledge and assign subject-matter experts to crowdsource your knowledge

Access everywhere

Access knowledge in-context or search the sidebar from any window

Search, filter and customize to meet your needs.

Spekit was carefully designed with both your technical and business needs in mind, allowing you to easily toggle between formats to view your knowledge and metadata in different formats. 

Document anything

Create your own custom cards to document any process or business jargon so that your users can access it in a click.

Limit access by role

Give certain users read-only or edit access to maximize your documentation efforts.


Easily export your content to a Spreadsheet and upload documentation you already have.

Table or card format

Your technical and non-technical users toggle columns, filter and search for the info they need in the data wiki.

Access documentation in Salesforce

Use our Chrome Extension to access all of this documentation directly in Salesforce.

Maximize your data governance

Create your own metadata columns in the Salesforce data dictionary to meet all of your documentation needs.