Stop burying your content. Introducing, the Floating Dock

Subtle yet accessible, the Floating Dock ensures content gets seen and used by surfacing a one-click gateway to the knowledge of your entire organization – wherever your team is working. 

Help your team help themselves by making it incredibly easy to find answers

Searching for answers kills productivity

With the Floating Dock, a simple click and your employees can see steps to complete a process, grab a feature one-sheet, access tool best practices and more. Your team has disruptions. Now, learning isn’t one of them.

Reduce knowledge gap bottlenecks

The more accessible knowledge is, the more your team will use it. Help new hires ramp faster, introduce new tools easier and roll out changes quicker by powering your team with the right knowledge, in the right place, at the right time. 

Make learning a habit

Say “goodbye” to one-off training sessions and hello to continuous, just-in-time learning. The Floating Dock is just one of the many ways teams are putting knowledge at the fingertips of their employees with Spekit.

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