Keep Your Team on the Same Page

Quickly document your Salesforce properties and share them across your organization with Spekit’s dynamic data dictionary.

Before Spekit

After Spekit

What is Spekit?

Your solution to frictionless Salesforce implementation and adoption, the Spekit app is a single destination for training CRM users, documenting processes and managing metadata.

Our hybrid data dictionary and wiki benefits all employees by creating a shared vocabulary around your CRM, metrics and processes allowing for better collaboration and painless adoption. 

How Spekit Works, In 4 Easy Steps

Connect to Salesforce

Import objects, fields and picklist values you’d like to document

Dynamically document

Document your existing metadata and create custom how-to’s in Knowledge Cards.

Invite and collaborate

Centralize your team’s tribal knowledge and assign subject-matter experts to crowdsource your knowledge

Access everywhere

Access knowledge in-context or search the sidebar from any window

Don't think documentation is important?

How much productivity are you losing?
How happy are new hires with your onboarding?
How do you train remote workers?

Are you a Salesforce Consultant?  

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