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In today’s age of Digital Transformation, change is the constant. Organizations big and small are rapidly adopting new technologies to make their teams more efficient and adapt to growing workplace trends like remote work.

But more tools = more processes = more to learn + changes to keep track of.

We felt this pain first hand, as a Sales Operations Leader and Product Manager who owned our CRM Salesforce and all productivity solutions.

Spurred by low adoption of our new technologies (Salesforce), constantly outdated documentation, slow ramp-up time of new hires and lots of frustration we asked ourselves:

What if we could automatically track process changes in our applications in a centralized location and push training to our users, when and where they needed it?

The Team

Business Operations meets Product to develop a flexible, scalable solution.

Melanie Fellay
Melanie Fellay Co-Founder & CEO

Salesforce & BizOps enthusiast. Expertise in leading operations & success teams, thinking at scale and architecting Salesforce solutions.

Zari Zahra
Zari Zahra Co-Founder & CPO

Experienced Product Manager and builder of web and mobile apps for Pandora, SquareTrade, RealtyShares and Rakuten. Harvard MBA ’13.

Our Advisors

Nav Athwal
Nav Athwal Founding Member @ TREC, Cofounder @ RealtyShares

Founder and former CEO of RealtyShares, Nav is a pioneer in real estate technology. He has over a decade of experience an attorney, broker, and investor. Nav lectures at UC Berkeley Law School and the Haas School of Business, is a frequent contributor to Forbes, and often featured on CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox Business. He holds a JD from UC Berkeley, where he was class Valedictorian.

Shawna Wolverton
Shawna Wolverton SVP Product Zendesk

Shawna is a customer focused, user experience obsessed product executive who currently heads up product strategy at Planet. She spent 14 years in various roles building the Salesforce platform. Most recently she lead their next generation user interface migration. Shawna earned her Bachelors degree in Politics from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Nicolle Paradise
Nicolle Paradise Senior Director of Client Experience @ ADP, Head of Experience @ TEDx SF

Nicolle has been architecting and leading client-centric organizations for 15+ years that deliver value for clients, profitability for shareholders, and inspire associates. She is an accomplished keynote speaker, Head of Experience for TEDx San Francisco, and has had the good fortune to travel to all 7 continents. More can be read at www.NicolleParadise.com

Samir Qureshi
Samir Qureshi Global Head of Sales Operations @ Paypal

As a champion of organizational transformation, Samir brings 20+ years’ experience driving go-to-market strategies that lead to sweeping global expansion, robust sales frameworks that scale to growth, and innovative solution-selling methodologies that lead to a competitive advantage.

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