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Get ready to build a big fat pipeline by setting more meetings with tips from leading sales consultancy, JBarrows. Download the PDF or contact us to customize these coaching tips to meet your specific sales coaching needs and surface them right where your team is working.

What you’ll learn

Learn all about the fundamental process of sales, prospecting, identifying your target audience, tailoring messaging, identifying important account roles and how to close more deals, faster from world-renowned sales coach, John Barrows.

Download the PDF to take a look OR contact us to see how you can customize the training content and surface reinforcement directly with Salesforce, LinkedIn, Outreach or anywhere your sales team is working.

About the Authors

JBarrows Sales Training offers individual and group online training, as well as in-person and remote training for corporate clients. JBarrows Sales Training was founded by John Barrows as a response to the incredibly limited amount of formal academic sales training that exists for this number one global profession.

Through years of experience, he created his own sales training programs called Filling the Funnel and Driving to Close. John understands that it’s essential to stay educated in order to advance our careers and stay relevant in the industry. That’s where JBarrows comes in; offering sales trainings in-person, and also via an online portal consisting of both free training tools and a premium membership. Premium members get access to John’s full online sales training course, Filling the Funnel. John’s website also features a regularly updated blog where you can stay current on sales techniques and trends.

We all know how that traditional documentation goes stale faster than a nice baguette, especially in an environment as dynamic as Salesforce. Spekit helps you keep documentation current because it's always in context and since it's oriented to showing the right snippet at the right time, it's painless to maintain.

Steve Berley – Salesforce Developer, Project Manager

Everyone knows they're supposed to document their orgs. But how do are you actually supposed to do it in a way that's useful and not just a meaningless paperwork hurdle? One word: SPEKIT. I don't think I've ever met a single admin that felt good about the state of their documentation prior to meeting the Spekit team and its users.

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Mark Adcock – Senior Consultant for Appirio

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