Knowledge Cards

Document how-tos and create a shared vocabulary around your acronyms and products.

Document Anything

From complex business jargon to your pricing plan, you can document anything by creating your own Knowledge Card in the Data Wiki. Add videos, images and links to make it more engaging for your users.

Learn content in the format that best meets your learning style.

With Spekit’s wiki-style format,  your end-users can learn and digest your content and at their own pace in Spekit’s App in addition to the Chrome Extension. They can scroll from one card to the next based on a tag, category or custom attribute you create.

Salesforce 101 + NPSP 101 out-of the box content.

We did the heavy lifting for you and created Knowledge Cards to help your users learn how to use Salesforce in both Lightning and Classic by creating out-of-the-box How-Tos and Q&As.

Relate the Knowledge Cards to Objects for easy searching.

Relate knowledge cards to one or several objects to easily surface the knowledge cards on the object’s records in Salesforce.

Related Knowledge Cards

Organize your knowledge with custom attributes

Create your own custom attributes such as “Tag” or “Related Product” to organize your knowledge in a way that’s scalable for your organization.

Create or update Knowledge Cards via bulk upload

Want an easy way to update your knowledge or create knowledge cards from an existing data dictionary or glossary? Simply upload them to Spekit using bulk upload.