Driving adoption in a remote world with Ann-Renee Thrash from JLL

with Ann-Renee Thrash & David Lott

What you’ll learn

In this episode, Ann-Renee Thrash, the Training and Documentation Specialist at JLL, deep-dives into tangible best practices on how training leaders can drive adoption and engagement in a remote world.

You’ll learn about:

⭐️ Before and after: The evolution of training and enablement at JLL and how they’ve evolved technology and strategies over time
⭐️ What’s working: The tools, channels and training methodologies JLL uses to drive adoption for their remote team
⭐️ What you can do: Best practices anyone can implement to boost technology adoption and engage their team – from anywhere!

A fireside chat with

Ann-Renee Thrash


Training and Documentation Specialist at JLL

David Lott 2

David Lott


Director of Customer Success at Spekit

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