Spekit for Onboarding and Knowledge Management

Reimagine your onboarding experience

Streamline onboarding and reduce time to ramp with training reinforced right where your team is working.

Free, customizable training content
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Teams across industries learn faster with Spekit

The knowledge your team needs to succeed, reinforced where they need it

Contextually reinforce learning wherever your team is working to drive retention

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Free, customizable training content

Content sequences make it easy to learn based on topic, tool and more

Bucket content to turn knowledge into learning sequences on the tools or processes your team needs to learn at their own pace.

Michael Longsinger

Michael Longsinger

Sales Operations Manager

My day went from answering question after question to saying “oh, did you check Spekit?” It went from me individually training each rep to reps training themselves in the moment!

Print-to-PDF for easy note taking

We love technology! But, we also know the benefit of putting pen to paper to absorb new information. With Spekit’s Print-to-PDF feature, easily print learning sequences so team members can take notes during training.

logan thomeczek

Logan Thomeczek

(5001-10,000 EMPLOYEES)

Spekit’s team of experts helped us structure and embed new product playbooks within Salesforce, keeping relevant sales content at our sales team’s fingertips. It’s so intuitive that now our teams are confident and embracing both our sales technology and sales strategies.”

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Track progress with analytics

Spekit makes it easy to keep track of your new hire’s progress by tracking views and providing analytics around how often they’re referencing knowledge.

Letty Carmaco

Letty Carmaco

VP of Operations

I have an offshore team in India that I manage, and since I am not there in person to answer all of their questions they love Spekit! Now as we release new processes they are requesting to put the procedures in Spekit for easy access and training.

Enable your team in minutes with free, out-of-the-box content

Don’t write training from scratch. We’ve sourced content from experts on your favorite tools so you can start delivering value in days, not months.

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JBarrows Filling the Funnel Course Tips

Get ready to build a big fat pipeline by setting more meetings with tips from leading sales consultancy, JBarrows.

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Salesforce Lightning 101 End-User Training

Migrate to Lightning in lightning speed with the Salesforce Lightning end-user training manual.

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator Best Practices

How to get the most out of Linkedin Sales Navigator with tips and best practices from Spekit’s own SDR team.

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