Spekit for Partners

Deliver more value to clients. Earn more doing it.

Gone are the days of delivering world-class implementation but leaving behind documentation in disconnected powerpoints and PDFs.

With Spekit, provide your clients with contextual guidance that will support them every step of the way, long after you're gone.

Why partner with Spekit?

Don’t leave your clients high and dry after implementation. With Spekit, package up end-user training and onboarding as part of the project to support the continued success of every implementation.

Minimize Time-To-Value for Clients 

Set-up Spekit in 5 minutes with our one-click integration and customize our out-of-the-box training content on common Salesforce solutions like CPQ, Salesforce Lightning and more to maximize initial adoption with users.

Impress Clients With That “Wow” Factor

Instead of a one-time 6hr training or a long training manual that goes stale after days and leaves users in the dust, leave behind an easy-to- manage in-app training solution that supports them as they grow.

Drive Revenue With Managed Services 

Offer Spekit at a 20% discount as an add-on to your existing packages for end-user support, change management and adoption.

Scale Training Across Multiple Clients 

Easily customize and reuse all of the incredible documentation you’ve already built with a few clicks in Spekit to get started in minutes.

Increase your ROI per project

Don’t reinvent the wheel with every client. Recycle your documented expertise with every client in minutes. Less time spent on support = more new projects. Leave behind a wealth of easily accessible knowledge that ensure clients for life.

Reinforce Learning

Complement training with individual Speks that answer questions in the moment.

Out-of-the-box content

Access customized out-of-the-box content for CPQ, NPSP, Salesforce Lightning and more.

How we make it easy for partners

Partner with Spekit, the Salesforce in-app learning platform, to help your clients effortlessly drive adoption and change management.

Access your free Spekit Account

Customize our free content or create your how-to’s, step-by-steps, acronyms and more you can reuse across clients.

Set up new client account in 5 minutes

Import the training of your choice from your Spekit account into a new org.

Customize training to their needs

Document any objects, fields, picklists, etc. of your choice. 

Automatically see training in-app in Salesforce

Our Chrome extension automatically surfaces the training where it belongs in Salesforce.

Maximize End-User Adoption

Maximize adoption of your implementations by guiding users every step of the way with contextual knowledge, search and help-text.

Save Time

Surface training directly within a client’s applications or workflow.

Deliver Results

Speed up training and onboarding with just-in-time learning. 

Implementation Partners Love Spekit

Implementation Partners and Consultants use Spekit to ensure their clients are setup for success.

An admin & consultant’s dream

One word: SPEKIT. I don’t think I’ve ever met a single admin that felt good about the state of their documentation prior to meeting the Spekit team and its users. So excited to continue using this with my clients!

Andrea Tarrell

Principal Salesforce Consultant, Sercante

I don’t remember life before this solution!

Amazing solution! As a consulting company, we are using Spekit with our clients to provide a better customer experience while going through an implementation. We are excited to see Spekit continuing to grow and evolve as a solution.

Jocelyn Fennewald

COO & Co-Founder, OpMentors

Brilliant tool for long-term process sustainability

Fills a critical gap in the market for an in-system “living” documentation tool. We’ve been able to deploy complicated functionality in Salesforce to users with a smaller change management process because so much lives effectively in Spekit and users can access it whenever they need. 

Sam Adiv

Founder, OpenTent

It’s Like Spekit Read My Mind

Spekit solves the documentation challenge by making its creation so easy, it’s almost like they can read my mind! And with in-browser support, that documentation is right at the users fingertips, no matter where they are – in Salesforce, in an email, or any browser-based application!

Eric Dreshfield

Advocacy Manager, Apttus