Simple Pricing for a Simple Solution

Our plans are designed to support teams of all sizes. Bring Spekit to your team for $99 monthly per account plus a per-user subscription. Upgrade, pause, or cancel at any time.


$10 /mo/user

+ $99 Monthly Platform Fee
Chrome Plugin
Outlook Extension
Knowledge Cards
Data Dictionary

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Chrome Plugin
Outlook Extension
Knowledge Cards
Data Dictionary
Top-Tier Support

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Is your documentation scattered?

We’re here to help.

CSV Upload

If your existing metadata documentation is in spreadsheets, we can easily upload it to your data wiki in Spekit.

Long-form Data Transfer

We can help transfer your data from powerpoints and google docs to Spekit. Schedule a call below to learn more.

Is your documentation scattered?

A solution designed for technical and non-technical users

Spekit’s data wiki is in a tabular format designed for your technical users, while the chrome extension surfaces its information contextually for your business users.

Create a shared vocabulary for your organization

Bring business context to your code by using Spekit to leverage your team’s expertise to create a shared vocabulary around your data and business jargon where Irr__c to the technical user means the same as Internal Rate of Return to the business user.

Get your new employees up to speed faster

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your new employees won’t learn your business in a day either. Get your new hires adding value faster with context-based training on your organization’s data and terminology through Spekit’s chrome extension.

Kill spreadsheets and centralize your documentation

Spreadsheets were designed for analysis, not for storing your metadata details. Spekit’s unique design gives you the tabular benefit of a spreadsheet with the power of a wiki to meet all your documentation needs.

Access information where and when you need it

Are you tired of spending time searching through spreadsheets and long form documentation for information? Install Spekit’s chrome extension to extend the power of your data wiki to anywhere in your browser.

Maintain stronger data governance

Spekit is sync’d to your Salesforce, allowing you to keep track of changes to fields and objects easily. Assign expert data owners for increased transparency and accountability.

Release Salesforce changes with ease

Eliminate the need for emails and in-person training on new Salesforce changes by using Spekit’s Chrome Extension to document the changes or even link out to training videos.