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The leading platform for training and communicating changes while remote

Empower your team to be self-sufficient and productive – from anywhere – with real-time training and resources that surface right where questions arise.

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+ extensions for any application

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Surface content intelligently in any workflow or tool

Enable your team with training content and resources, directly within the tools they use every day

Link content across tools

Training automatically populates, contextually across any app. Learn more ->

Embed training in any app

Embed training in video, slides, text, gifs, PDF and more across apps

Search from Slack  slack icon

Notify your team of new training, process changes and more in Slack instantly

Search from Outlook  slack icon

Turbocharge productivity by surfacing your company’s knowledge, policies and FAQs in Outlook

Search from Lightning Component slack icon

Your knowledge is searchable on any browser, any device, from anywhere in the world with the Salesforce Lightning Component

Print PDF Manuals

Automatically print any of your training content to PDF for easy note-taking and organization


Simple, bite-sized and agile content creation

Get your team remote-ready in minutes with out-of-the-box training content and a simply Spektacular editor 

Free, customizable training content

Don’t start from scratch! Customize free training content on popular tools like Outreach, nCino, Salesforce and more

Connect and document in Salesforce slack icon

Connect to Salesforce in one-click to document fields, picklist values and more in minutes

Create content from anywhere in Chrome slack icon

Define terms, processes and more across any application in a few clicks with the Chrome Extension

Capture answers as they happen in Slack slack icon

You’re already answering questions in Slack. Turn those answers into new training and documentation that lives forever


Easily onboard and communicate updates to your team

Streamline onboarding, reduce time to ramp and keep your team aligned with training and updates reinforced right where your team is working

Create Learning Streams

Guide users through learning streams to train on processes or onboard across your tools

Introduce employees to your tools

Easily onboard new employees to your tools with pop-up alerts that welcome them with helpful guides and resources

Communicate updates with browser notification

Send real-time notifications of updated resources, definitions, training and more

Send updates with email notifications

Create a new resource or update a process? Notify your team instantly with an email to keep everyone aligned

Send in-app alerts

In-app alerts welcome employees to your tools and keep them aligned as your processes, enablement and business evolve.

Share content with your team

Easily share any content or resource with your team in seconds


Track engagement with analytics and feedback

Measure content engagement, keep your pulse on sentiment, activity and behaviors to know how training impacts performance

Get real-time feedback

React to training content in real-time (or ask a question if something is missing) to ensure content is as valuable as it can be

View training content engagement

Always know who is viewing what training content or resources to measure the impact content has on behavior and identify gaps

Measure in-app alert engagement

See who is viewing (or snoozing) your in-app alerts (Spotlights) to ensure everyone is receiving crucial updates and information

Comprehensive Dashboard & Reporting

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Keep your pulse on who’s creating content, engaging with content and more in your dashboard

Analyze recent activity

Real-time analytics on activity to see who is engaging with your content – in the moment


Keep your content organized and up to date with ease

Hit the ground running with out-of-the-box training content and simply Spektacular editor to get your team remote-ready in minutes.

Organize content by topic in the Wiki

Structure training content by department, tool, process and more to streamline onboarding and searchability

Create teams and assign subject matter experts

Control who views what content and assign experts to help drive the content creation process

To-do List

Easily manage what fields, values and more need to be documented with a to-do list

Export to Excel or PDF

Your content lives anywhere you work and easily exports to other tools and formats

Automatically sync updates from Salesforceslack icon

Spekit automatically syncs changes in Salesforce so you can quickly identify training and documentation gaps as your instance evolves

Add custom fields to your templates

This is the text for block number 6. This is the text for block number 6. This is the text for block number 6.

…and much more! Ready to get started?