Digital learning: Reimagined

Spekit delivers training content and enablement resources to your team, directly within the tools they use every day

For many this is a first: Training a remote team while priorities and customer engagement shift. Spekit makes firsts feel like old habits.

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The platform

In-app training and enablement – simplified

Spekit Platform


Centralize your

knowledge and training

Reinforce training

in any app

Search knowledge

from any window

Access help

on-the go

A digital companion to accelerate learning everywhere you work

Centralize training and resources

Consolidate, map and manage knowledge across the organization

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Surface knowledge in any tool

Training automatically populates, contextually across any app

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Collaborate with your team

Keep your team in sync, drive adoption, boost productivity

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Your training

One platform to consolidate knowledge across the organization

Knowledge base

Consolidate knowledge across the organization in a centralized wiki. With an intuitive interface, thoughtful features and a user-friendly experience, you can stay focused on creating incredible content. 

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Salesforce data dictionary

Automatically document your Salesforce metadata and processes in one place. Never deal with outdated, out-of-sync documentation again. 

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Learning sequences, videos, print-to-PDF and more

Surface training in video, slides, text, gifs, PDF and more across apps, email, notifications and help bubbles to meet the unique learning needs of each employee. 

Your tools

Connect and surface knowledge across any application, anywhere

Chrome Extension

Surface answers easily, contextually and beautifully – anywhere

Never leave what you’re doing to find answers. With Spekit, answers find you. Embedded beside defined terms or accessible with a single click, this is learning as it should be.

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Train and onboard your team with answers in Salesforce

Finally, an easy solution to Salesforce training and adoption. Surface enablement and process guidance where your team lives.

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Instantly share updates and process changes in Slack

Notify your team of new training, process changes and more in Slack instantly with the Slack integration.

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Never leave your inbox to train with the Outlook integration

Turbocharge productivity across the org by accessing all of your company’s knowledge, policies and FAQ directly from your email.

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Salesforce Integration

Automatically populate training and processes in Salesforce

Save countless hours documenting Salesforce. Integrated at a metadata level, Spekit maps your documentation to where it belongs in Salesforce and updates in real-time as your processes change.

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Drive adoption and boost productivity in Salesforce

Maximize ROI on your Salesforce investment by helping your team learn how to navigate and see value from the platform with ease.

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Learn anywhere with the Salesforce Lightning Component

 Search the Spekit knowledge base on any browser, any device, from anywhere in the world.

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Your team

Easily connect, share and collaborate across teams

In-app alerts

Communicate smarter with in-app alerts that welcome employees to your tools and keep them aligned as your processes, enablement and business evolve.

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Teams and roles

Assign subject-matter experts to drive content creation. Structure training and resource visibility by teams, roles or geography.

Analytics and feedback

Measure content engagement and sentiment to improve training. Keep your pulse on sentiment, activity and organizational impact to know how training impacts performance .


Free training content

Save countless hours writing content with customizable training on popular apps

Don’t start from scratch. We’ve crowdsourced training from leading experts to streamline the content creation process. Import in seconds and customize to meet your unique business needs to start supporting your team with answers in days, not months. 

Salesforce Lightning 101

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Salesforce Classic 101

Onboard new reps with everything you need to know in Salesforce Classic.


Everything you need to train your team on the Non-Profit Success Pack in Salesforce.

Filling the Funnel

Sales coaching and enablement tips from expert, John Barrows.

Use Cases

However your team wants to learn, they can learn with Spekit

Sell better

Lucy can review your Sales Playbook ahead of her prospect call directly from Salesforce and never get stuck on a process again. 

Reach more customers

Brett can see your persona training and messaging reinforced right from Linkedin

Drive Productivity

Alex can access alerts and updates in FinancialForce beside defined fields, picklist values, terms and more.

Get started today

There’s a better way to train and communicate change with your team – and it starts with Spekit.
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