Salesforce Classic 101 End-User Training Manual

Train your team with everything they need to know to leverage Salesforce Classic. Show them how to Navigate Sales Cloud including Accounts, Opportunities, Leads, Dashboards, Events, Chatter, and more.

What you’ll learn

Just getting started in Salesforce? Use this guide to help your team complete tasks and learn the ins and outs of Salesforce. You’ll find tips on how to create reports, opportunities campaigns and more. Signup to Spekit for free and embed these answers directly within your Salesforce instance to give your team instant answers. 


How to create reports in Salesforce Classic

A getting started guide for created your first Salesforce Classic Reports.


How to create and customize views

Create unique views and customize them to your business needs. 


How to create campaigns in Salesforce Classic

An introduction to your first Salesforce Classic campaigns.


How to create opportunities in Salesforce Classic

Learn how to create opportunities, leads, convert contacts and more in Salesforce Classic.

We all know how that traditional documentation goes stale faster than a nice baguette, especially in an environment as dynamic as Salesforce. Spekit helps you keep documentation current because it's always in context and since it's oriented to showing the right snippet at the right time, it's painless to maintain.

Steve Berley – Salesforce Developer, Project Manager

Everyone knows they're supposed to document their orgs. But how do are you actually supposed to do it in a way that's useful and not just a meaningless paperwork hurdle? One word: SPEKIT. I don't think I've ever met a single admin that felt good about the state of their documentation prior to meeting the Spekit team and its users.

Andrea Tarrell – Principal & Founder at Sercante

Spekit lets you have put help tips on steroids and put key knowledge for users at their fingertips so no more hunting down instructions across multiple systems all of the information they need is a click or two away.

Mark Adcock – Senior Consultant for Appirio

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