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Designing a Data-Driven Learning Strategy Featuring Ryan Sarpalius from Facebook

A fireside chat with:

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What you’ll learn:

In this episode of Spekit Sauces, experienced learning leader, Ryan Sarpalius, who’s built learning programs to support the scaling of some of the world’s fastest-growing organizations including his current role at Facebook and previously, Uber, joins Spekit CEO, Melanie Fellay, to peel the layers of the learning onion in a no slides, all insights, fireside chat.

They dig into the hot topics that keep learning professionals up at night such as:

⭐️ How do you measure the business impact of training?
⭐️ How should data inform and influence your learning strategy?
⭐️ How do you sell the value of learning within the organization?
⭐️ How do you approach creating a blended learning strategy?
⭐️ What platforms, channels and types of content do you leverage to design an impactful learning solution mix?


About Spekit Sauces:

Spekit Sauces is the interactive learning hub where we discuss and share the secret sauce(s) to empowering your team from today’s leading digital transformation, sales enablement, operations and learning professionals.