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Are employee training platforms keeping up with the times?

Are employee training platforms keeping up with the times? WP Post Author Team Spekit See author's posts February 2, 2021 Jobs and companies are diverse, with different corporate environments and cultures. But all companies have one thing in common: they need to...

The Evolution of Learning Management Systems

The Evolution of Learning Management Systems WP Post Author Team Spekit See author's posts February 1, 2021 In recent years, more and more employees have been working not only online but also at home. This is especially true in 2020 and beyond when millions of...

Combining Spekit and myTrailhead to become a Training Rockstar

So, you have myTrailhead and are thinking about adding Spekit. Or, maybe you’re looking at getting both? You might even be comparing the two trying to determine if you need both of them. You may be asking yourself, “how will these tools help me maximize my in-app...

Microlearning design model: Why use it?

The microlearning design model hits the spot for modern learners. Learn why enterprises across industries are embracing microlearning and how you can easily serve up contextual microlearning with Spekit.

Don’t have a Salesforce Data Dictionary? Here’s why you need one.

A Salesforce data dictionary is a central source of knowledge for the organization that describes data: its meaning, relationships to other data, business usage, and format. This tool helps everyone from management, admins, analysts, and developers to understand and use Salesforce data fields.

Embrace efficiency with in-context knowledge

The cost of fragmented knowledge According to McKinsey, employees spend ~1.8 hours every day looking for information.  That’s a lot of time. It’s also why we’re focused on creating ways for teams to eliminate switching costs and...

6 Benefits of a Salesforce Data Dictionary

Every Salesforce org needs a way to keep their employees on the same page through ever-changing sales processes, products, integrations, and data fields. This is where a Salesforce data dictionary comes in.

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