Salesforce Training and Adoption

7 Strategies to Drive Your Company’s Digital Salesforce Adoption

Without the help of platforms such as Salesforce, sales teams spend 34% of their time actually selling. Why? They struggle to keep up with the other mundane tasks of the job, such as data entry and quote generation. Even after companies work hard to implement digital...

Just-in-Time Learning: The Key to a Successful Lightning Migration

Surprising as it may sound, the biggest challenges you’re likely to face in migrating from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning are not issues with technology. The biggest challenges are on the human end. Or…is that really a surprise? After all, they call it the...

Case Study: Arts Midwest Enables Employee Training and Salesforce Adoption with Spekit

Since adding in Spekit to address their unique needs and pain points, Arts Midwest has seen important and time saving changes in their organization. They save time during onboarding and employee enablement. They’re also ensuring consistent communication of information as a team and are able to quickly access and share helping answers to FAQ’s in real time.

21+ Salesforce Training Resources, Courses & Tools

21+ Salesforce Training Resources, Courses & Tools WP Post Author Elle Brayton See author's posts January 22, 2020 Salesforce is the most robust customer relationship management tool on the market and so it’s no surprise there are an abundance of Salesforce...

The Diversity at Dreamforce Scholarship: Apply today!

If you’re a Salesforce user, you know how valuable the AppExchange ecosystem is to your business. Imagine what it would look like with more representation! That’s our goal with the Diversity at Dreamforce Scholarship.

Spekit Announces Salesforce Partnership and AppExchange Launch

Since our launch at Dreamforce 2018, we’ve had one North Star: Helping companies maximize the adoption and data quality of their applications by delivering the most efficient learning experience across their technology stack. Today, we’re excited to share...

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