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With Spekit, my day basically went from me individually training each rep to reps training themselves in the moment!

– Michael Lonsinger, Sales Operations, Arterys

Search Knowledge

Search the knowledge base to quickly reference processes, enablement resources, definitions and more.

Share knowledge

Share knowledge and answer questions directly within Slack by accessing your entire knowledge base with a single command.

Create knowledge

You’re already answering questions in Slack. Turn those answers into new training and documentation that lives forever.

Never leave Slack to share answers and resources

Slack moves fast. Now, you can too. Answer questions in Slack in seconds with a simple /spekit command to boost productivity and get your time back.

Writing documentation is as easy as typing a response in Slack

Turn your one off Slack responses into knowledge that lives forever. Right-click any content in Slack to automatically create documentation that’s always accessible.

One command to search your entire knowledge base

Have a question while in Slack? Looking for a particular resource? Don’t dig through Google Docs, Powerpoints and emails for the answer. Type /spekit to search your entire knowledge base and paste the answer or resource link in Slack to share in seconds.

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