Spekit for Sales Enablement

What if everything your sales team needed to know was accessible in the tools they work in every day? Battle Cards, Sales Process, Salesforce How-To’s, Objections, Product training and more, all available at their fingertips. Now, that’s enablement.

The knowledge your team needs to do their job, where they need it.

Goodbye hard-to-find power points and lengthy LMS courses, hello Spekit

reinforce sales methodologies

Reinforce Sales Methodologies where your reps are selling

Whether you’ve developed your own methodology or leveraged an outside firm to help, reinforcement is the key to results. Spekit brings that same training within the stream of applications your team uses every day.

Setup took an hour and support is incredible. Now, whenever a question comes up from one of our users, we respond “just Spek it,” which has allowed my team to focus on other priorities..
Todd Tribble

VP, Sales Operations and Enablement, Hobsons

What if your Account Executives could…

Pull up a battle card on competitors while on a sales call in under 30 seconds?

Practice questions for uncovering pain directly within Salesforce before a discovery call?

Figure out on their own how to submit an order without ever contacting Deal Desk?

What if your Sales Development Reps could…

See persona training directly beside a prospect’s LinkedIn profile?

Discover personalization best practices as they’re writing an email?

Learn how to convert a lead in Salesforce while on the lead page?

Keep everyone on the same page

New enablement resources? New process? No problem.

We’re living in a world of constant change. Don’t let training get outdated. Easily share new content and notify your team of any updates with instant notifications that surface directly within your employee’s workflow.

I have an offshore team in India that I manage, and since I am not there in person to answer all of their questions they love Spekit! They use Spekit to search for anything they might need help with and they will find the full procedure in there! Now as we release new processes they are requesting to put the procedures in Spekit for easy access and training.
Letty Carcamo

VP of Operations, Solutions By Text

reduce questions

37% of employees said they have to stop their admin work 3X a day to answer questions!

Tired of answering the same questions over and over? With everything available in Spekit, your team always knows where to go for quick answers. Get your time back and empower your team.

My day went from answering question after question to saying “oh, did you check Spekit?” It went from me individually training each rep to reps training themselves in the moment!

Sales Operations Manager, Arterys

90% of companies struggle with documenting their tools.

We’ve got your back. Choose from hundreds of free templates to customize.

So, you need content but don’t know where to start?

Whether you’re migrating to Salesforce Lightning, implementing NPSP or looking for great sales resources, we’re here to help! Our content templates will preload into your Spekit instance where you can quickly customize to meet your specific business needs.

Salesforce Lightning 101

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The complete guide to getting started with Outreach for sales teams.


The complete TaskRay onboarding 101 guide!

Salesforce Classic 101

Great for onboarding new reps complete with everything you need to know to start with Classic.


Everything you need to train your team on the Non-Profit Success Pack in Salesforce.


Video resources for sales and enablement teams by industry experts.

Meet your “just-in-time” digital companion for boosting productivity and adoption

Boost productivity, drive adoption and save time with Spekit for Sales Enablement teams.