The easiest way to accelerate learning while you work

Spekit reinforces your training, sales enablement and process documentation right when and where your team needs it.

The only digital adoption platform that is a Salesforce Certified Partner and integrates at the metadata level.


Help your team learn where they work

Stop expecting your team to remember everything. Empower them with answers, everywhere they work. 

Sales Process In Salesforce

Lucy is reviewing questions on how to uncover pain ahead of her prospect call looking at her opportunity.

Process Training In LinkedIn

Brett is reading your persona training on what his prospect is likely to care about before reaching out.

Objection Handling in Outreach

Alex is leveraging your best practices on how to create a nurture sequence for her “not now but late” objections in Outreach.

My day went from answering question after question to saying “oh, did you check Spekit?” It went from me individually training each rep to reps training themselves in the moment!

Michael Longsinger

Sales Operations Manager, Arterys


Replace lengthy training sessions and scattered documentation with simple, contextual training, reinforced directly in your tools.

No time to introduce another tool but desperately need to enable your team? We get it. Don’t trust us, just try it for yourself.

A Modern, Flexible and centralized platform

Create a source of truth in minutes with our free training content

Save time creating and maintaining documentation

Need training? Customize dozens of contextual training resources built by experts on the key applications your team usesor connect to Salesforce to create training from existing fields and processes.

Learning sequences, videos, print-to-PDF and more

Surface training in video, slides, text, gifs, PDF and more across apps, email, notifications and help bubbles to meet the unique learning needs of each employee.

Crowdsource the expertise of your team 

If you can write an email, you can create content in Spekit. Empower subject-matter experts and team leaders to answer the questions for their teams in just one click.  

I have an offshore team in India and I am not there in person but Spekit is and they love it! They use Spekit to search for anything they might need help with and we release new processes by putting the procedures in Spekit for easy access and training.
Letty Carcamo

VP of Operations, Solutions By Text

Not only is Spekit super awesome and easy to implement but the ease of use, Chrome Extension & Outlook add-on make this solution meet the needs of various learning types! And, the support is fabulous! Every Salesforce change we roll-out is with Spekit for training.

Nana Gregg

VP, Salesforce, JLL

Spekit is key for Salesforce adoption and effortless to set up. All of our go-live documentation for Service Cloud was defined and complete in about 10 total hours – an effort would have taken more than a week before Spekit.

Bryan Miller

Director Business Operations, Bluewater


A solution based on science to drive knowledge retention, accelerate learning and improve operational efficiency.


When we first learn something, we store it in our working memory. Our working memory can only store 5-7 things at once.


To make its way to your long-term memory from your working memory, learning needs to be reinforced otherwise we lose it.


Habits drive human behavior. If acting on a trigger for learning is too much physical and mental effort – you won’t act on it.

Do you have spare time to spend on documentation?

We didn’t think so. Choose from hundreds of free templates and customize.

So, you need training content but you’re also incredibly busy with other priorities?

Whether you’re migrating to Salesforce Lightning, training your team on Outreach or looking for great sales resources, we’re here to help! Our content templates will preload into your Spekit instance where you can quickly customize to meet your specific business needs.

Salesforce Lightning 101

Transitioning to Salesforce Lightning? Use this guide to support your team through the changes.


The complete guide to getting started with Outreach for sales teams.


The complete TaskRay onboarding 101 guide!

Salesforce Classic 101

Great for onboarding new reps complete with everything you need to know to start with Classic.


Everything you need to train your team on the Non-Profit Success Pack in Salesforce.


Video resources for sales and enablement teams by industry experts.

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