How Spekit Uses Spekit to Decrease SDR Onboarding Time by 50%

on April 21, 2021 | 12:30pm MST

Spekit for Spekit

What you’ll learn

When it comes to onboarding, time is money. The sooner you can get a new rep ramped up, the faster they can start driving revenue for the company. Ramp-time is typically calculated by your average sales cycle + 90 days for training and onboarding. That means if you have a 90-day sales cycle, it can take a new rep six months before they’re fully ramped up and ready to go. 

At Spekit, we knew that with the right combination of onboarding, coaching and training reinforcement, we could cut that time by 50%. In this webinar, you’ll learn exactly how we use Spekit to:

  • Introduce SDRs to new tools, processes and methodologies
  • Automate the onboarding process with in-app guidance
  • Empower reps by reinforcing the right training, at the right time
  • Reduce onboarding time by 50% by surfacing answers in real-time

A fireside chat with

Mel 3

Melanie Fellay

CEO & Co-founder


Christian Schmidt

Head of Growth


Shellene Rains

Sales Development Representative

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