Spekit vs. LMS

In today’s constantly changing work environments, training needs to live where your team lives. Spekit surfaces answers directly within your team’s workflow, across apps. No more digging in a separate tools for help or wasted time searching for content.

As trainers, we love LMS solutions for in-depth training sessions. They’re great for when you have a few hours to set aside for deep learning on a specific topic. But, we struggled with:

1. 90% of the information learned in a training session is later forgotten. We needed to answer questions in the moment, without breaking a users workflow.
2. If employees had to login to another tool for answers, they weren’t going to do it. We needed something lightweight, living within the apps our team used.
3. Applications training needed to be bite-sized, something employees could digest in seconds, not hours.

So, we built a solution that’s lightweight, flexible, embedded directly within the applications your team uses, that surfaces small, contextual bites of knowledge.

Spekit makes applications training easy…

Easy to implement, use and scale

Training teams and communicating change doesn’t have to be painful. With Spekit’s one-click integration to Salesforce, empower employees with continuous learning that takes hours, not weeks to setup. Add content on the fly to keep training up-to-date and eliminate knowledge gaps with ease. 

Answers at every turn.

Sitting down and taking a two hour course might be effective for learning soft skills but employees retain less than 10% of this information. Spekit embeds training directly within workflows for knowledge in the exact moment it’s needed.

Create once, use anywhere…

Work smarter, not harder

With Spekit, make a change to any content and watch as it automatically updates everywhere your training appears (within Salesforce, Outlook and across apps with the Chrome Extension). Use notifications to ping employees with any change so everyone is always on the same page.

Onboard faster with continuous learning. 

Knowledge is power. It’s one thing to absorb information in an online course, it’s another when you’re trying to use that information to do your job. With Spekit, training follows your team everywhere. Reveal definitions, process guidance, updates or training at the point of engagement to save time. 

For teams who believe training should be

accessible, connected, flexible and scalable.

I wasn’t meeting my people where they were. Information became less and less useful because it was spread across outdated docs, our LMS and spreadsheets. As soon as I saw Spekit it all clicked, of course you should put information where the user is. Of course, you should deliver training in a way that’s quick, integrated, simple to update. It became so obvious.

– Todd Tribble, SVP Global Sales Operations, Hobsons | Read the Case Study >


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