Spekit vs. WalkMe

(Walkthrough Solution)

You could spend weeks, manually creating a walkthrough that breaks the minute your process changes. Or, you can automate content creation, sync updates instantly across tools and harness the wisdom of other experts to deliver just-in-time learning at scale.   

As prior trainers, we loved how walkthroughs surfaced training in our applications. But, struggled with how:

1. A simple click-by-click wasn’t helping our team understand the “why” behind process changes.
2. Every time we introduced a change, updated a product or rolled out a new process, our walkthrough would break.
3. We had to manually create a separate walkthrough for every single application. If something changed, that meant updating it in dozens of disparate places.

So, we decided to build a solution that builds and surfaces training on your behalf, instantly updates everywhere from a single location, is always accessible and harnesses the wisdom of experts across the organization.

5 minutes to implement, even easier to update as processes change. 

Unlike a walkthrough solution that has to be manually created from the elements on your page, Spekit’s one-click integration to Salesforce automatically embeds training where it belongs. That’s right, we’ve automated the painful creation process.

You work across apps, shouldn’t your training?

Custom terminology and data are at the core of your applications. Instead of redoing training in every application with WalkMe, Spekit creates internal alignment around your data and metrics by automatically surfacing knowledge across multiple applications in Chrome. Then, allows you to customize on-the-fly, creating a bespoke, cross-platform learning experience.

Communicate changes where they matter with notifications.

With Spekit, make a change to any piece of training content and it automatically updates everywhere your training lives. Use notifications to ping team members directly in Salesforce, Gmail or any app in Chrome so everyone is always on the same page.

Training automatically embeds Across applications

No more manually creating walkthroughs in each application. Add training once in Spekit to automatically surface answers across tools. 

No More Breaking Flows With Every Update

With a walkthrough solution, every time a process updates, your walkthrough breaks. Get your time back with just-in-time learning that scales. 

An end-to-end training solution

Create a seamless, cross-platform learning experience for your team. No digging into separate tools for answers. With Spekit, simply hover, answer and move on. 

Training is a team sport. Engage all the players.

Walkthroughs are so difficult to setup, only a few people in your org can manage them. With Spekit, assign anyone to be a content expert, responsible for creating and maintaining the training for a specific topic or feature. Harness the collective wisdom of your organization to breakdown communication barriers and improve efficiency.

For teams who believe training should be

accessible, connected, flexible and scalable.

“Initial setup was painless. After about an hour of the Spekit team walking us through onboarding, we were connected to Salesforce and the creation of JLL-specific content began. Spekit already knew exactly what our org looked like so the training automatically displayed in Salesforce.”

– Marshall King, SVP IT, JLL | Read the Case Study >


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