Spekit vs Walkme (Walkthrough Solution)

Do you have time to manually create walkthroughs that will break with any change in process? We don’t. That’s why we automated it to save over 60% of the time.

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Get your time back

You could spend three weeks building a walkthrough guide that will need updating every time a process changes. Or, you could spend a few hours here and there pushing bite-sized training that automatically updates. Take your time back with just-in-time learning.


Teams can access training instantly, on any application, without ever leaving their existing workflow. Now, that’s enablement.


You don’t always know when questions will arise. Quick answers should be available with a single click so you can get back to work.

Get your time back
Automatically embed knowledge everywhere your team works

In 5 minutes, make knowledge available at your team’s fingertips in Salesforce, their email or any other application.