The future of enablement in a remote learning world featuring Dan Darcy from Salesforce

with Dan Darcy & Melanie Fellay

What you’ll learn

In this episode, Dan Darcy, the SVP of Sales and Partner Enablement at Salesforce and product visionary extraordinaire, joins Melanie Fellay, CEO of Spekit, for a conversation on the past, the present but more importantly, the future of enablement.

They’ll address how the role of enablement has changed throughout the years, what it was like to scale enablement at a company like Salesforce, how you can sell the value of enablement within your org and a topic on a lot of enablement leaders’ minds these days: What type of future should they be planning for?

You’ll learn tips and best practices anyone can implement today to drive sales productivity and enabling their team while remote!

A fireside chat with

dan darcy

Dan Darcy


SVP of Sales and Partner Enablement at Salesforce

melanie fellay

Melanie Fellay


CEO and Co-Founder at Spekit

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