Spekit for Salesforce, everywhere – the Lightning Component

Answer questions and access training on-the-go with the Spekit for Salesforce Lightning component.

Thousands of answers, in your pocket

Launch Spekit on mobile from the Salesforce Utility Bar, via the Chrome Extension, embedded as a Lightning Component or beside any defined record to reveal answers and training resources.

1) Signup to Spekit and connect to your Salesforce org.

2) Install the Chrome Extension during the signup process (optional).

3) Get started with training by selecting from dozens of free content templates.

4) Configure the Lightning Component to meet your needs. 

Mobile support for a mobile world

Empower your team with help at their fingertips on the road, on their iPad or on a mobile device. No more help tickets. Just Spekit.

lightning component

Drive adoption in Salesforce by surfacing answers on-the-go

Ever wonder why your team enters the wrong data in Salesforce or refuses to use certain pieces altogether? If people can’t easily figure out how to do something, they usually don’t do it at all. Help your team adopt Salesforce with ease by delivering answers directly within their workflows, on the Salesforce web app or mobile.

Spekit for Salesforce

I couldn’t hope for an easier-to-use knowledge transfer solution. Team leads can create and maintain tips and guidance for their teams. Admins can create org-wide guidance and assistance (works really well to make the transition to Lightning smoother!) Out of box ‘starter packs’ to get things rolling, and a Professional Services team standing by to help you master more advanced use cases.
Jeff May

Salesforce MVP


Not using Chrome? Not allowed to install extensions? No problem.

Use Spekit across platforms, apps, browser types and more with the embedded Lightning Component. See Spekit appear as a search box in the utlity bar and add to page layouts across leads, contacts, opportunities and more. Wherever your team needs help, they now have answers.

Create a source of truth

A centralized platform for your knowledge and training


Save time documenting with our training templates

Need training? Customize hundreds of training templates built by experts on the key applications your team uses or connect to Salesforce to create training from existing fields and processes.

Learning sequences, videos, print-to-PDF and more

Surface training in video, slides, text, gifs, PDF and more across apps, email, notifications and help bubbles to meet the unique learning needs of each employee.

Crowdsource the expertise of your team

If you can write an email, you can create content in Spekit. Empower subject-matter experts and team leaders to answer questions for their teams in just one click.  

Spekit for Salesforce, everywhere

Answer questions and access training on-the-go with the Spekit for Salesforce Lightning component.