What is Spekit?

Your solution to frictionless Salesforce training and adoption. Spekit is a knowledge base that is built from and seamlessly integrated with Salesforce.

Our philosophy is simple: Knowledge should be easy. As the connective tissue in your organization, your CRM contains your business jargon and processes. So why build a knowledge base from scratch that’s easily out of date? Scale your knowledge with changes to your business, automatically.

The best part? Our integrations allow you to access this knowledge in any workflow. 

Your training and knowledge, accessible anywhere.

In Lighting or Classic

Document any object, field, picklist value or process for your team.

In Outlook or Gmail

Using our Chrome and Outlook integrations, access your knowledge in any email.

In ANY application

Enable Spekit by domain to see your knowledge next to any documented keyword(s)

For onboarding and training

Get your team up to speed in record time
  • Out-of-the-box Salesforce training content
  • Embedded help on your processes
  • In-App learning packets for onboarding

For sales and change enablement

Ensure execution on your Sales Strategy.

  • Maximize selling time with embedded guidance
  • Minimize response time with relevant content
  • Communicate process changes effortlessly

For data analysts and admins

Centralize the history about your data

  • Automatically sync to your Salesforce metadata
  • Store integration mappings to other systems
  • Annotate your triggers, classes and more

How Spekit Works, In 4 Easy Steps

Connect to Salesforce

Import objects, fields and picklist values you’d like to document

Dynamically document

Document your existing metadata and create custom how-to’s in Knowledge Cards.

Invite and collaborate

Centralize your team’s tribal knowledge and assign subject-matter experts to crowdsource your knowledge

Access everywhere

Access knowledge in-context or search the sidebar from any window

Are you a Salesforce Consultant?  

Give your clients an unparalleled experience with our Partners Program.