Webinar Resources: Introducing the Theon® Care Management of COVID-19 Patients Package

About Geneia

Geneia, an analytics and services company, helps clients better identify and actively manage high-risk populations, improve quality measurement and outcomes, and strengthen revenue.

Our free COVID-19 solution helps hospitals and physician practices better triage and manage impacted patients. Click below to learn more.

About Spekit

Train and onboard your team on the Theon® Care Management of COVID-19 Patients Package with in-app learning

Access free, out-of-the-box training and getting started guides. In partnership with theCodery, this content has been custom created to help healthcare workers learn and begin seeing value as quickly and efficiently as possible. Kickoff with training sequences for fundamental learning. Training is then reinforced, directly within the solution, through help bubbles and the in-app, searchable knowledge base to answer questions instantly.

About theCodery

Get implementation assistance and free, custom training content for the Theon® Care Management of COVID-19 Patients Package

theCodery is a premier Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS) implementation partner with Salesforce. We enable clients to customize, adopt, and extend Health Cloud at lightning speed through pre-built accelerators and content with exceptional partners like Spekit. Contact us any time for a demo of Health Cloud and/or to dive into getting you enabled on the Salesforce platform quickly.

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