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Dreamforce Scholarship


[EXTENDED] Submission Deadline: Friday, September 27th, 2019

Salesforce’s Dreamforce 2019, the largest software conference, is around the corner! We’re calling all under-represented rockstar business owners to apply today for the chance to accelerate your business with a booth at Dreamforce in front of 170,000+ attendees AND win the ultimate package with advisory hours from female leaders in the Salesforce ecosystem!



*This opportunity is funded and managed by Spekit and the above sponsors. 

The inspiration behind the Scholarship

Women and other minorities receive less than 2% of venture funding and own less than 5% of startups . It’s time to change that.

Led by two female founders, at Spekit we were fortunate enough to have people take a bet on us and support our launch at Dreamforce last year. It was a pivotal moment in our growth – granting us exposure to our first clients – ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses looking to make Salesforce easier for their users.

Just one year later, we want to pay-it-forward to the next generation. We’ve partnered with Dreamforce and three incredible female-founded companies in the ecosystem to extend a helping hand and close the equality gap.

The Winning Company Receives

Gain the opportunity to showcase your product with your own booth to the 170,000+ attendees at Dreamforce and in-depth advisory meetings with entrepreneur mentors to help guide you through the biggest challenges facing your business.

Apply in 3 Simple Steps

Do I Qualify? Apply if you:

    • ARE MINORITY OWNED AND OPERATED: This includes a key leader being a woman or of another underrepresented groups (including LGBTQIA and others).
    • HAVE A SALESFORCE INTEGRATION: Your product has a Salesforce integration. (Bonus points if you’ve launched in the AppExchange!)
    • READY FOR MARKET: You’re able to give a full demo of the product and have already tested it with real customers (Bonus point if they’re paying for it).
    • READY TO ACCELERATE GROWTH: You’re ready to take the next step and launch or accelerate your business growth. 

Record Your Pitch

Why would this scholarship be a game-changer for your company? Tell us all about it! Record a quick, 5-minute, video where you:

  • Introduce the founder(s) of the company
  • Tell us why you started your company
  • Give us a quick product demo
  • Tell us why this scholarship would make a difference in the future of your organization!

Submit Your Application

Submit your company with an application video using this link! We’ll review all submissions by Monday, September 23rd and announce the winner on Friday, September 27th! Yay! All submissions WILL receive a response (we won’t leave ya hangin’)!

Meet the women behind it all

One-on-one advisory hours with:


Launching a product for the first time? We’ve been there. Building your brand story? We’ve done that. Creating connected customer experiences? That’s kind of our thing! 

Speak one-on-one with women who have been in your shoes. We’ll walk you through best practices and share first-hand experiences to help you build a product and brand that “wow!” 


10 Hours | Demand Gen & Pipeline Management

Andrea Tarrell

Sourcing leads, nurturing prospects, closing sales.

Andrea is the Principal Salesforce, Pardot and Marketing Automation consultant at Sercante. The Founder of the Spot for Pardot Blog. A Salesforce MVP and 9X Salesforce certified, with experience in Pardot, Hubspot, and Marketing Cloud.

2 Hours | Launching at Dreamforce

Melanie Fellay

How to launch a product at Dreamforce.

Mel is the CEO and Co-founder of Spekit. She’s a Salesforce & BizOps enthusiast with expertise in leading operations & success teams, thinking at scale and architecting Salesforce solutions.

5 Hours | Marketing Analytics

Elle Brayton

Building a customer journey with marketing analytics.

Elle is the Director of Marketing at Spekit. She’s a marketing leader with 10+ years of experience building SaaS startups. Elle will walk you through how to leverage marketing data to connect, engage and personalize across each touchpoint in the customer journey.

5 Hours | Product Strategy

Zari Zahra

Bringing a new product to market.

Zari is a Harvard MBA, an experienced Product Manager and builder of web and mobile apps for Pandora, SquareTrade, RealtyShares and Rakuten.

Today, she is the Chief Product and Technology and Co-founder of Spekit, the leading Salesforce adoption and contextual learning platform for growing orgs. 


2 Hours | Scaling an Org & Salesforce GTM

Blakely Graham

Building and growing a company with Salesforce.

Blakely Graham is the co-founder and CEO of TaskRay – the top-rated enterprise customer onboarding solution on the Salesforce AppExchange. Blakely is an expert in the Salesforce ecosystem as both a partner and a Salesforce user and a champion for diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

2 Hours | CEO & Founder at Cloud Giants

Kelly Pfrommer

Building a strong culture and finding great tech for business operations.

Kelly is the CEO and Co-founder of Cloud Giants. She’s a results-oriented technology professional with a comprehensive background in leading teams to define specific software functionality for new product releases. 


Why offer a scholarship program for Dreamforce?

Sponsored by

This simply would not be possible without the help and support of the following female founded organizations who share our vision for building a more inclusive world by empowering underrepresented groups.

Apply Now!

Dreamforce is a rare opportunity to test out product market fit, get feedback from a diverse group of individuals, launch with instant exposure and learn how you can improve. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience it all this year!