How long does it take before your new hires start selling?

Spekit Knowledge

If you’re like most of our customers, your Salesforce is full of acronyms, business jargon and processes that are constantly evolving. 

Is it a surprise that your employees can’t keep up?

Spekit helps your teams spend more time selling and less time searching for the answers they need.

Learn how Spekit can make your team more productive.

How it works in 4 easy steps

Connect to Salesforce

Import objects, fields and picklist values you’d like to document

Dynamically document

Document your existing metadata and create custom how-to’s in Knowledge Cards.

Invite and collaborate

Centralize your team’s tribal knowledge and assign subject-matter experts to crowdsource your knowledge

Access everywhere

Access knowledge in-context or search the sidebar from any window

What is Spekit?

Your solution to frictionless Salesforce implementation, the Spekit app is a single destination for training CRM users, documenting processes and managing metadata.

Our hybrid data dictionary and internal wiki can be used by technical and non-technical users alike, and offers a painless way to automate your Salesforce documentation and training.

Why Spekit?

Centralize your documentation

Replace your outdated PDFs, Powerpoints and Spreadsheets with documentation that dynamically updates as you make changes to your CRM.

Reduce new hire onboarding time

Using Spekit your new hires can spend less time reading training manuals and more time adding value to your company accessing the information they need in a click.

Maintain stronger data governance

Create your own metadata columns in the Salesforce data dictionary to meet all of your documentation needs.

Reduce tribal knowledge and switching costs

The business context behind your code and processes shouldn’t be buried in someone’s head. Instead, document it in Spekit.

Don't think documentation is important?

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