Digital adoption meets digital enablement

Spekit is the digital adoption and enablement platform that accelerates onboarding, self-sufficiency and remote productivity with in-app learning in any tool.


Teams across industries learn faster with Spekit

faster learning = Smarter teams


Arterys reduced sales ramp-up time by 50% with Spekit


Hobsons reduced Salesforce training and support tickets by 35% with Spekit


Bluewater reduced documentation time by 60% with Spekit

It’s digital learning, reimagined for today’s connected, remote, no-time-to-waste teams

Digital Enablement

Sales enablement resources reinforced where customer interactions happen

Digital Adoption

Process and application training reinforced in the tools you use everyday


Sell more effectively

Access key persona messaging, competitive battle cards or training in any app, without ever leaving your workflow


Boost productivity

Surface training contextually, across any application, to make learning while working instant


Easily adopt technology

Help your team learn how to best use your tools by reinforcing training and processes where they’re working

Get started in 5 minutes

Sign up free and get set up in minutes to start empowering your sales team today

Training for the modern era: Agile, lightweight and just-in-time

Quick, low effort implementation

Get started in minutes with free, out-of-the-box training content and an automated setup.

Incredibly easy to update

With today’s rate of change, you need a flexible and iterative approach to training that you can update on-the-go as questions arise from your team.

Connected to your tools

No need for a manual lift. Spekit automatically integrates into your key tools like Salesforce and Slack to surface the right training at the right time.

How it works

A source of truth that’s centralized and accessible everywhere

Easy to setup and maintain for content creators. Easy to search and find information for employees. 

Spekit Platform


Centralize your

knowledge and training

Reinforce training

in any app

Search knowledge

from any window

Access help

on-the go

Plug and play

See training automatically appear in the tools you already use.
Spekit integrates and connects with your existing tech stack, making it incredibly easy to train your team wherever they’re working.

Do you have spare time to spend on documentation?

We didn’t think so. Customize FREE expert training content on your favorite tools.

Whether you’re migrating to Salesforce Lightning, training on Outreach or looking for great sales resources, we’re here to help! Our training content will preload into your Spekit instance where you can quickly customize to meet your specific business needs.

Salesforce Lightning 101

Transitioning to Salesforce Lightning? Use this guide to support your team through the changes.


The complete guide to getting started with Outreach for sales teams.


The complete TaskRay onboarding 101 guide!

Salesforce Classic 101

Great for onboarding new reps complete with everything you need to know to start with Classic.


Everything you need to train your team on the Non-Profit Success Pack in Salesforce.


Video resources for sales and enablement teams by industry experts.

Not only is Spekit super awesome and easy to implement but the ease of use, Chrome Extension & Outlook add-on make this solution meet the needs of various learning types! And, the support is fabulous! Every Salesforce change we roll-out is with Spekit for training.

Nana Gregg

VP, Salesforce, JLL

The initial setup was painless and it immediately transformed the way we onboard, train and roll-out new process changes to our team.
Marshall King

SVP IT Digital Solutions, JLL

Spekit is key for Salesforce adoption and effortless to set up. All of our go-live documentation for Service Cloud was defined and complete in about 10 total hours – an effort would have taken more than a week before Spekit.

Bryan Miller

VP, HCM Practice Leadership, Bluewater

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