Salesforce training, reimagined.

Effortlessly build your training from your Salesforce and make it available to your team, when and where they need it to drive process changes and onboard with ease.

Salesforce training, reimagined.

Introducing the modern way of learning and creating training content.

Introducing the modern way of learning and creating training content.
Integrate with Salesforce

Don’t build your training from scratch. Integrate with Salesforce to build knowledge from your fields and picklists.

Eliminate search time

Using Spekit’s extensions your team can search for your knowledge from any workflow.

Create knowledge on-the-go

Effortlessly create training content with the Chrome Extension from any window or application.

Improve Data Quality

Eliminate data entry errors and confusion by giving clear process guidance and instructions in-line.

Facilitate change training

Reduce the emails and disruptions to your team’s workflows with in-line knowledge so your team can learn by doing.

Free content: Save 60% time.

Don’t reinvent the wheel, customize our free out-of-the-box Salesforce 101 training content to your needs.

Customize our Salesforce out-of-the box content to save 60% time.


Spekit Success Stories

Hear from our hundreds of satisfied users.

Not only is the app super awesome and easy to implement but the ease of use, chrome extension & outlook add-on make this LMS meet the needs of various learning types! And the support is fabulous!

Nana Gregg
Nana Gregg
VP, Salesforce

Spekit has been a true life saver in our implementation of Service Cloud. It took 10 hours to document what would’ve otherwise taken over a week without Spekit. I wish every application was this easy.

Bryan Miller
Bryan Miller
Sr. Director, Business Operations

This is a terrific application, interfaces with Salesforce seamlessly, and is the best idea for Salesforce users and administrators and business analysts alike.

Jen Crook
Jen Crook
Salesforce Consultant