Spekit for Change Management

70% of all change initiatives fail. But, change doesn’t have to be hard. Spekit makes it easy to communicate and train on process updates and changes in real-time.

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Eliminate the friction around change management

Transform how you manage change with Spekit. Finally, a solution designed to meet the needs of the constantly evolving work environments of today.

Communicate Change

Alert users of process changes with a notification or pop-up wherever they’re working.

Train on change

Display process changes and train users directly at the point of friction within their workflow.

Analyze Performance

Analyze engagement to understand how in-app alerts impact performance.

Optimize Changes

Know which content types perform best (video, image, etc.) and optimize to ensure frictionless process changes.

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In-App Learning

Finally, communicate process changes where they’re happening

Add documentation and watch as Spekit automatically embeds help icons on the picklist value, object, field or term where it impacts the user.

Fast & Easy 

Create content on the fly in minutes. Ping your team with real-time notifications to share new knowledge.


Answers appear embedded within workflows, guiding your team in the moment they have questions.

Salesforce Integration

Goodbye outdated documentation

With our integration to Salesforce, automatically track new fields, objects or picklist values in Spekit. Easily identify gaps in communication and update training in minutes, not hours. 

Boost Productivity

Never waste time in spreadsheets again. Spekit integrates with Salesforce at a metadata level to save you time.


Update documentation in one place and watch as it automatically updates everywhere.

Real-time Analytics

Measure content engagement and sentiment

Create a continuous feedback loop with analytics on content and training. Keep your pulse on sentiment, activity and organizational impact to always know where you can improve.

One-click Reactions

Your team can give feedback on content with a single click to help improve training.

Measurable Results

Always know who has viewed what to keep your team on the same page.

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Surface change communication directly where it impacts your team, in any application

No more leaving a workflow to search for answers or catch up on a process change. Surface notifications and change training direclty within the applications your team uses every day.

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Help employees learn Salesforce, stay up-to-date on process changes and instantly access answers, everywhere your team works.