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Out-of-the-box training to boost your team’s productivity in LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Get tips, best practices and prospecting secrets with this collection from Spekit’s own SDR team.

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3 steps to surface knowledge in LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Spekit


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  • Chat with us

Chat with us to learn how you can customize LinkedIn Sales Navigator training content to automatically surface getting started tips and best practices.

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  • Customize training to your needs

Customize training in a few clicks to meet your unique business needs. Add videos, images more to create engaging learning experiences.

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  • Automatically see training in Linkedin

See training surface right where your team is working in LinkedIn Sales Navigator beside defined terms and processes. Then, invite your team to join!


Intro to LinkedIn Sales Navigator eBook

Learn how to get the most out of Linkedin Sales Navigator by reading tips and best practices from Spekit’s own SDR team.

Download the training content complete with best practices on conducting research, setting up lists, boolean searches and more!


What our customers say

Logan Wikoff

Logan Thomeczek

VP, Sales Enablement

Farm Credit Services of America

Spekit’s team of experts helped us structure and embed new product playbooks within Salesforce, keeping relevant sales content at our sales team’s fingertips. It’s so intuitive that now our teams are confident and embracing both our sales technology and sales strategies.”

Daniel ritch

Dan Ritch


NorthMarq Capital

We want to empower our end-user to make decisions and learn what they need to know, especially through COVID. Before all this, they could just swivel their chair to a coworker and ask for help but at home, how do you do that? Now, Spekit has become our swivel chair. Our team can hover over any Spekit icon wherever they’re working and instantly get the answers they need.”

Logan Wikoff 1

Logan Wikoff

Training Specialist

Mariner Wealth Advisors

Being able to use and guide people to relevant content has saved an immeasurable amount of employee time, energy and bandwidth.”
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Spektacular Features

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Consolidate sales training within a single, accessible solution

With Spekit, all of your training lives in one, consolidated solution. Customize, build and scale training to help your team learn tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator with ease.

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Surface objection handling, sales tips and more right where your team is prospecting

With Spekit, surface knowledge and training directly within LinkedIn Sales Navigator, right where your team is prospecting.

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JBarrows Filling the Funnel Tips

Build a big fat pipeline by setting more meetings with tips from leading sales consultancy, JBarrows.

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Salesforce Lightning 101 End-User Training

Migrate to Lightning in lightning speed with the Salesforce Lightning end-user training manual.

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Salesforce Classic 101 Training Manual

“Train your team with everything they need to know to leverage Salesforce Classic.”

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