The only Salesforce Data Dictionary.

Automatically document your metadata and processes in one place.

Spekit Mappings
Sync and set up in under 10 minutes.

Connect to your org using OAuth and automatically import your objects and fields.

Connect a Sandbox or Production Org.

Effortlessly document-as-you-build by connecting your sandbox org to Spekit.

Map and document all your integrations

Create custom tags or assign data owners and permissions access to your metadata.

Export your documentation to PDF or Excel.

Reuse your documentation in Spekit by exporting your data in different formats.

View and edit directly in Salesforce.

Use our Chrome Extension to access Spekit directly from the setup screen in Salesforce.

Customize to maximize your data governance.

Create custom tags, metadata columns and assign data owners.


Data Dictionary Owners

  • Data Analysts
  • Business Analysts
  • CRM Owners
  • IT Directors
  • Salesforce Admins/Developers
  • Sales Operations/Business Operations


Document your integrations

  • API mappings to 3rd party applications
  • Links to external documentation
  • Links to Jira tickets

Document your automations and workflows.

Remove the guesswork from your codebase for your developers and reduce their development time by up to 30%.

Sync to Salesforce

  • Import Standard, Custom or Installed Package Objects
  • Import all Fields, Picklists and related metadata.
  • Automatically import new fields from Salesforce.

Import/Export your content

Transfer any existing manual data dictionary you own in a spreadsheet into Spekit. You can also export your documented content in Spekit at any time.

Define every stage or picklist value in your CRM

Do your teams get stuck on what steps are needed to move from one Opportunity stage to the next? Use Spekit to bring clarity by defining or assigning rules to each picklist value for a field.