The Only Salesforce Data Dictionary

Automatically document your Salesforce metadata and processes in one place with a Salesforce Data Dictionary. Never deal with outdated, out-of-sync documentation again. 

Fully integrated Data Dictionary

Bring sanity to your Salesforce adoption and documentation with a data dictionary

Built for Salesforce admins, architects and operations leaders who are tired of managing Salesforce definitions in spreadsheets. Create a completely bespoke Salesforce data dictionary for your business – integrated at a metadata level.

salesforce data dictionary

Sync and setup in under 10 minutes

Connect to your org using OAuth and automatically import objects and fields. It’s that simple.

salesforce data dictionary

Connect a Sandbox or Production Org

Effortlessly document-as-you-build by connecting your sandbox org to Spekit. Works in Classic or Lightning.

View and edit directly in Salesforce

Use the Chrome Extension to access Spekit directly from the setup screen in Salesforce.

salesforce data dictionary

Save time with auto import/export

Easily import any existing documentation to Spekit with a single click or export documentation to a PDF or other formats.

Sync to Salesforce

One-click integration to Salesforce automatically pulls in metadata

Import Standard, Custom or Installed Package Objects plus any related fields and metadata. Automatically import new fields from Salesforce.

salesforce data dictionary spekit
Spekit salesforce data dictionary

Select Objects

Document your Objects, Fields and Picklist Values

Bring sanity to your Salesforce Org and change management by centralizing your documentation for analysts, admins and developers alike.

Centralize Documentation

Document from the Spekit app or directly in Salesforce on-the-fly

Toss that spreadsheet. With Spekit, create and update content from the app or extension and it automatically updates everywhere. Say “goodbye” to outdated content. 

data dictionary

Talk with a documentation expert today to get started!

This isn’t our first rodeo! If you’re looking to implement a Salesforce data dictionary, you’re not alone. Speak to a member of our team for a free consultation to kickoff your Salesforce documentation journey. 

Easy Setup

Get started in under five minutes

Onboard employees faster with in-app, contextual training

Dynamically update documentation with an integrated, Salesforce data dictionary

Centralize your metadata and end-user documentation

Create custom metadata columns to map directly with your Salesforce instance