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Boost productivity and eliminate costly errors across the organization with learning that happens when and where your work happens.

Salesforce Integration

Automatically sync with Salesforce objects to streamline documentation and content creation.


Create a seamless, cross-platform learning experience for your team. Embed answers across any application. 

Real-time Notifications

Automatically notify your team when processes or tools are updated to support change management.

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Accelerate Learning. Drive Change. Just-in-Time Knowledge with Spekit.

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Hear from sales enablement, operations, training and admin leaders who use Spekit to accelerate learning. 

Todd Tribble

VP, Sales Operations and Enablement

"The setup took an hour and the support has been incredible. Now, whenever a question comes up from one of our users, we respond "just Spek it" which has allowed my team to focus on other priorities. I would fully recommend to anyone interested."

Marshall King

VP, IT Solutions

Data quality is a big priority for JLL to ensure that the impact of our digital transformation can be measured. Spekit prevents data entry errors from our users by giving them the context they need to understand our processes, right at that point of friction.

Bryan Miller

SVP, Business Operations

"Spekit has been a true life saver in our implementation of Service Cloud. It took 10 hours to document what would’ve otherwise taken over a week without Spekit. I wish every application was this easy."

Nana Gregg

VP, Salesforce

Not only is the app super awesome and easy to implement but the ease of use, chrome extension & outlook add-on make this LMS meet the needs of various learning types! And the support is fabulous!

Rod Tyler

Salesforce Administrator, Developer

I have been looking for a solution for a very long time that would provide me with the tools to document my org. Spekit has filled the bill and then some. The ability to have a data dictionary and a wiki is priceless for my team. A one-stop-shop for keeping documentation and training materials up to date with ease. You're missing out if you are not using Spekit!

Not sure how Spekit would work for you? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering if Spekit is right for your business? Here are a few questions we get a lot. But, we’d love to go into more detail. Reach out above so we can chat!

What's the difference between Spekit and an LMS?

Processes change… all the time. Your application training needs to be dynamic and live where your users live to minimize disruptions. Spekit instantly surfaces answers across applications so your users can spend more time doing and less time searching.

Do you offer a proof of concept?

Absolutely! In fact, we recommend it! Complete the demo request form and we’ll walk you through best practices for testing out every feature in Spekit. We’ll even create a custom POC that directly aligns with your training and growth goals.



What's the difference between Spekit and a walkthrough solution?

Businesses are in a constant state of change. Unfortunately for a walkthrough solution, this means manually creating flows and updating these flows every time change happens. We decided that nobody has time for that. So, we automated the process, allowing you to communicate with ease!

How do I setup the Salesforce integration?

Signing up for a free Spekit account will allow you to begin testing contextual training across apps. However, to test the full Salesforce integration, we’ll need to enable it for you. Reach out and let us know what you’d like to achieve! 



Do you help with importing existing content?

Yes! We have a team dedicated to help you get started in Spekit by importing your existing content into Speks. Let us help you take the pain out of knowledge distribution, change management and onboarding. 

What apps does Spekit work in?

Wondering if Spekit only works in Salesforce? While our Salesforce integration is pretty awesome for automatically embedding training, Spekit works across ANY application via the Chrome Extension. Yup! That means Spekit can even work within your own product or across any tools in your existing workflow. So, your team is never without answers!

Still have questions?