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Give your clients an unparalleled experience.

Gone are the days of delivering a world-class implementation to your clients paired with documentation in powerpoints and spreadsheets.

With Spekit, your knowledge and expertise can shine by delivering a training and documentation solution that reflects the quality of your work.

Collaborate effortlessly with your client

Understand your client’s existing implementation faster. Assign client subject-matter experts to help answer your questions on specific metadata.

Document your work in real time.

Don’t leave documentation until you’re ready for release. Spekit’s sync to Salesforce allows you to effortlessly document changes as you make them.

Maximize end-user adoption

 Maximize adoption of your implementations by guiding users every step of the way with our in-context knowledge search and help-text.

Increase your ROI per project

Don’t reinvent the wheel with every client. Reuse your documented expertise by sharing knowledge cards across clients. Less time spent on support = more new projects.

For ISVs

Ease your client user onboarding and reduce support costs.
Partner with Spekit to create your own proprietary set of Field/Object/Picklist definitions and “How-To’s” that can be reused for all of your implementations, accessible in-context by end-users. 

For Implementation Partners

Save time and deliver a superior implementation. 

Hand-off projects along with in-context help to reduce friction. Re-use best practices and how-to’s across clients by creating your proprietary Knowledge Cards.

For Sales Consultants

Ensure execution on your Sales Strategy.

Your client’s sales teams are busy. Make sure you share your knowledge in a place that Sales Reps can access – their browser. Reuse your expertise across clients by creating Best Practices and How-Tos in Knowledge Cards.

Document and share your expertise

1. Store your proprietary best practices content

2. Reuse with any client to help them drive adoption

How does it work?

Create Content

Create Speks to document everything from:
Process builders, Flows, How-tos, Step-by-Steps, Acronyms and more.

Export to excel file

Use our bulk export tool to download your content to an excel file.

Import into new org

Use the bulk-import tool to upload your excel file and create knowledge cards in one step.
Modify your Spekis as needed to meet the tailored needs of your individual client.

Access everywhere

Access knowledge in any window using the Chrome extension sidebar
Get knowledge in-context in Salesforce.