Spekit for Partners

Give your clients knowledge that keeps on giving

Gone are the days of delivering world-class implementation paired with documentation in powerpoints and spreadsheets.

With Spekit, your knowledge and expertise can shine by delivering a continuous learning solution that reflects the quality of your work.

Increase your ROI per project

Don’t reinvent the wheel with every client. Reuse your documented expertise by sharing knowledge cards across clients. Less time spent on support = more new projects. Leave behind a wealth of easily accessible knowledge. No more repeating answers. 

Boost Productivity

Complement training with individual Speks that reinforce learning. 


Copy the same training material across clients and update from a single location.

Maximize End-User Adoption

Maximize adoption of your implementations by guiding users every step of the way with contextual knowledge search and help-text.

Save Time

Surface training directly within a client’s applications or workflow.

Deliver Results

Speed up training and onboarding with just-in-time learning. 

What our friends say

ISVs, Implementation Partners and Consultants use Spekit to ensure their clients are setup for success.

An admin & consultant’s dream

One word: SPEKIT. I don’t think I’ve ever met a single admin that felt good about the state of their documentation prior to meeting the Spekit team and its users. So excited to continue using this with my clients!

Andrea Tarrell

Principal Salesforce Consultant, Sercante

Brilliant tool for long-term process sustainability

Fills a critical gap in the market for an in-system “living” documentation tool. We’ve been able to deploy complicated functionality in Salesforce to users with a smaller change management process because so much lives effectively in Spekit and users can access it whenever they need. 

Sam Adiv

Founder, OpenTent

It’s Like Spekit Read My Mind

Spekit solves the documentation challenge by making its creation so easy, it’s almost like they can read my mind! And with in-browser support, that documentation is right at the users fingertips, no matter where they are – in Salesforce, in an email, or any browser-based application!

Eric Dreshfield

Advocacy Manager, Apttus

How does it work?

Partner with Spekit, the just-in-time learning platform, to help your clients access training and knowledge throughout their existing workflows and applications. Saving you time, boosting adoption and driving ROI. 

Create Content

Create Speks to document everything from: Process builders, flows, how-to’s, step-by-steps, acronyms and more.

Export to Excel

Use our bulk export tool to download your content to an excel file. 

Import into new org

Upload your excel file with bulk import and create knowledge cards in one step. Modify Speks as needed to meet the tailored needs of each client.

Access Everywhere

Access knowledge in any window using the Chrome extension sidebar. Get knowledge in-context within Salesforce.

Try for Free

Don’t take our word for it. Take Spekit for a spin to create quick, accessible training for clients—right when they need it the most.