Redefining GTM in a Digital World featuring Mike Wolff from Salesforce

with Mike Wolff & Melanie Fellay

What you’ll learn

Mike Wolff knows a thing or two about adapting. He’s spent 18 years at Salesforce and currently leads as the SVP of Global ISV Partners. In this time, he’s influenced the meteoric rise of Salesforce while battling periods of economic turbulence and now, a pandemic.

More than most, he understands what it means to shift, evolve, adapt and transition when companies need it the most.

Watch Mike and Spekit, CEO, Melanie Fellay during this fireside chat to learn how companies like Salesforce are redefining how they go-to-market in a digital-only world. They’ll discuss:

  • Shifting team roles, priorities and functions
  • Identifying new opportunities when the familiar doors are closing
  • What Salesforce partners are doing to find success, and more!

A fireside chat with

mike wolff

Mike Wolff


SVP of Global ISV Partners at Salesforce

melanie fellay

Melanie Fellay


CEO and Co-Founder at Spekit

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