Keeping your remote team engaged with Kara Factor from Southwest

with Kara Factor & David Lott

What you’ll learn

Decreased productivity, engagement and overall morale are some of the greatest challenges teams are facing as they function in this remote-only world. In fact, a recent study conducted by Spekit and the Revenue Collective revealed, 37% of teams see decreased productivity without being able to turn to a coworker for answers and 74% are struggling to keep up morale. 

Kara Factor, a Senior Training Specialist at Southwest, has seen these challenges firsthand as their team transitioned to a remote environment. To combat this, they’ve implemented a suite of tools, best practices and strategies to maintain alignment, productivity and (more importantly) team spirit in these challenging times. 

Join us for this episode of Spekit Sauces where we dig into how the team at Southwest is keeping their team engaged while remote!

A fireside chat with

Kara Factor

Kara Factor


Sr. Specialist, Training at Southwest Airlines

David Lott 2

David Lott


Director of Customer Success at Spekit

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