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Say goodbye to outdated documentation, lengthy training sessions, repetitive questions and finally see ROI on your Salesforce investment.

Transform how your team learns Salesforce in 3 Steps

Born out of the necessity to create quick, accessible, customizable Salesforce training for users – right when they need it most.

1) Connect to Salesforce. Rest assured, we only need metadata level access, we never access your customer data.


2) Select the objects and fields to document. We’ll automatically sync updates in the future.


3) See training automatically surface in Salesforce beside the objects and fields you’ve defined.

Real-time answers

79% of employees want to learn while doing.

Ever wonder why your team enters the wrong data in Salesforce or refuses to use certain pieces altogether? If people can’t easily figure out how to do something, they usually don’t do it at all. Help your team adopt Salesforce with ease by delivering answers directly within their workflows, on the Salesforce web app or mobile.

Spekit is a game-changer! Spekit replaces Word and Powerpoint training documents that were buried in Salesforce files and could never be found by users when they were needed. Spekit also provides us the ability to easily create print documentation by bundling Speks together into a single PDF. A great feature for those of our users that prefer a single training document.
Ross P

Enterprise (5001-10,000 employees)

Data dictionary

No more outdated and scattered documentation – seriously.

Built for Salesforce admins, architects and operations leaders who are tired of managing Salesforce definitions in spreadsheets. Create a completely bespoke data dictionary for your business – integrated at a metadata level. Update in one place and content automatically updates everywhere your team needs it.

The Salesforce Data Dictionary

Best in class cross-platform documentation tool for Salesforce Cloud and PaaS! Spekit is a great tool for augmenting Salesforce’s limited documentation capabilities, providing an intuitive way to connect any kind of online documentation or training resources into context-specific help in Salesforce, and provide a single unified documentation dictionary. The value for money is fantastic.
Matthew D

Senior Manager, Enterprise Applications

Communicate change

50% of Salesforce admins make one change a day! Notify your team instantly. 

Don’t wait for a training session to communicate changes in Salesforce. Notify your team of changes big and small via an in-app notification and email to ensure everyone is always on the same page. 

Spekit is laying the groundwork for consistency and standardization in processes and training! Love the ability to document ANYTHING, ability to document across systems/platforms and complete customization – from topics and topic icons, ability to enrich text, upload images, animated gifs and videos, linking to external [Box] documents, etc.

Administrator in Financial Services

Mid-Market (501-1000 employees)

Relate Speks to Objects for easy reference

Relate a Spek for any given process to an object so it’s easily accessible by your team in the moment a question arises.

Add context to your stages or picklists to eliminate confusion

Achieve better forecasting and data accuracy by giving your team the context they need behind any picklist value or option in your org.

Create training directly from Salesforce

Easily add a definition to any field by highlight and clicking “s” to create training content without ever leaving Salesforce.

Create custom Speks for dashboards, reports and more

Easily create a Spek for any part of your Salesforce Org to give employees guidance. Spekit automatically identifies when a definition is added to a field and on refresh, the help icon appears.

Communicate process changes to your team

Instantly notify and communicate changes in process or workflow to your team – wherever they are in Salesforce, Spekit or Chrome.

Search Spekit from anywhere in Salesforce

With Spekit’s sidebar search, all of your processes and training are only a click away.

90% of companies struggle with documenting their tools.

We’ve got your back. Choose from hundreds of free templates to customize.

So, you need content but don’t know where to start?

Whether you’re migrating to Salesforce Lightning, implementing NPSP or looking for great sales resources, we’re here to help! Our content templates will preload into your Spekit instance where you can quickly customize to meet your specific business needs.

Salesforce Lightning 101

Transitioning to Salesforce Lightning? Use this guide to support your team through the changes.


The complete guide to getting started with Outreach for sales teams.


The complete TaskRay onboarding 101 guide!

Salesforce Classic 101

Great for onboarding new reps complete with everything you need to know to start with Classic.


Everything you need to train your team on the Non-Profit Success Pack in Salesforce.


Video resources for sales and enablement teams by industry experts.

Case Studies

Don’t take our word for it. Hear how other enterprise brands have leveraged the power of the Spekit platform to drive adoption, boost productivity, eliminate repetitive questions and communicate change with ease.

Salesforce training made simple

Welcome to Spekit. Designed for changing, growing orgs who need a lightweight, simple solution to continuous tool training.