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How NextGen Transformation Requires NextGen Change Management Featuring Michael Daehne from Sense Corp

A fireside chat with:

Michael and Mel

COVID has, for many organizations, forced digital transformation at an accelerated rate. If you were waiting to roll out a tool that would help your team be more efficient, productive and collaborate from anywhere – you can’t afford to wait any longer.

Michael Daehne has seen this first hand at Sense Corp, where he leads as the Partner & Transformation Practice Director. The shift to remote has driven innovation and creativity out of necessity, changing both the rate at which change is introduced and the methods.

Join Michael and Spekit CEO, Melanie Fellay, for this episode of Spekit Sauces where they’ll discuss how the best companies are embracing digital transformation to adapt in today’s digital-only world.

You’ll learn:

⭐️ What tools, technologies and strategies companies are rolling out to support remote teams
⭐️ The components of a successful rollout including communicating, training and driving adoption of changes in a remote environment
⭐️ Methods of reinforcement to drive retention and adoption, and more!

About Spekit Sauces:

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