Hobsons Provides Continuous Learning to Support Salesforce Lightning Migration With Spekit

Implementing Spekit to drive adoption in Salesforce and support the transition to Salesforce Lightning helped improve retention, reduce questions and free up time for their team to focus on other tasks.

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The Diversity at Dreamforce Scholarship: Apply today!

If you’re a Salesforce user, you know how valuable the AppExchange ecosystem is to your business. Imagine what it would look like with more representation! That’s our goal with the Diversity at Dreamforce Scholarship.

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Case Study: Arterys Reduces Ramp-up Time and Delivers Knowledge to a Remote Sales Org

Spekit decreased ramp-up time for new hires, embeds knowledge when and where needed and helps Arterys seamlessly communicate product updates.

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Case Study: How JLL Adopted a Living, Breathing Training Solution with Spekit

JLL DS is going through a global transformation with a major impact to how they operate globally. Learn how they used Spekit to drive adoption and train employees on Salesforce.

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Embrace efficiency with in-context knowledge

The cost of fragmented knowledge

According to McKinsey, employees spend ~1.8 hours every day looking for information. 

That’s a lot of time.

It’s also why we’re focused on creating ways for teams to eliminate switching costs and increase learning by doing.

With Spekit, your knowledge is:

  • Always accessible wherever your users need it
  • Always effortless to maintain and scale

Today, we’re announcing two features to multiply productivity not just for your end-users, but also for your contributors.

Built-in efficiency with in-context editing

With our latest chrome extension release, you can edit directly from Salesforce. You can also edit from anywhere in chrome via our hotkey (Highlight + “S”) or search sidebar.

Relevant content at your fingertips

Whether in Salesforce or in any other application such as Gmail or Zendesk, your users can always access the Spekit data wiki’s most relevant results – simply:

  • Highlight a word
  • Right-click and select “Spekit”
  • Or type the letter “S” on your keyboard

How it works

1. Edit directly from Salesforce

2. If no definition exists, we’ll prompt you to add one

3. Edit right from your workflow